Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Testing the Waters...

Hello out there!

Oh my, I have been gone for such a long time!

Life, it caught up and passed me by for awhile...

And I have been trying like crazy to catch up to it!

I just love the print above, it truly captures who we are, I think. I recently bought 2 cards for my oldest and dearest friends that says :

"Of course we will always be friends.
(We share too many secrets.)"

Old and dear friends might know some of the universe, right?!

Nothing secretive since January that I am hiding though, just the business of life with a business that is booming (and still only one employee, ME), 2 sons that are very active in lacrosse, on 2 different travelling teams ( I never ever thought I would be a sports "Mom"), and the day to day activities that overflow.

I look forward to checking back in and sharing, and visiting some of you dear and kind blogger friends who have checked in with me during my absence.

Have a fabulous day!


image via pinterest


  1. Oh mon ami ... I too know quite well how life can happen and we can only do so much. I hope to see you back posting and sharing your beautiful quilts, eye masks and other fabulous accessories. You are an inspiration to share ones skills with the world. Hugs and blessings, Celia M. (HHL)

  2. Dearest Nathalie! It was so kind of you to say hello!
    A busy, full life is wonderful thing, and I'm very happy to know that all is well.... :)
    My blogging and visiting have also taken a back seat to everything going on this summer.
    Our kids are growing up so quickly... :)
    Yes, next year is 9th, but still in the middle school...you have a great memory!
    Enjoy the rest of the season with your sweet boys, and I hope you take time to pamper yourself, dear friend... :) So good to hear from you!
    - Irina


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