Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Wishing you all a sparkly New Year!

I must say that with a boot on my broken foot for the last few months of 2013, and a household with the flu over Christmas, I am REALLY looking forward to 2014, with a clean slate of health!

All the Best to you all!


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  1. Oh my...we are home with the flu too! Started the day after Christmas and only now beginning to feel even slightly better. A nasty one! Hope you are recovering and were able to enjoy your Christmas together! Wishing you a beautiful new year. And grateful you are in my blog life! Xoxo, Kirsten

  2. Happy New Year mon ami .... wishing you a blessed and abundance filled 2014! And most definitely -bootless - unless of course they are the heeled kind. Wishing you and your family great health. Hugs and Blessings, C. (HHL)

  3. Hello, friend. I wanted to stop by and thank you for being a part of my blog in 2013. You have been a blessing to me. For the coming year, I have a few wishes for you.

    May 2014 bring you much joy.
    May we all have peace in our homes,
    laughter by our firesides,
    time spent with family,
    and contentment in our hearts.
    Be well, my friend.

  4. Natalie! BONJOUR! What a glorious looking bottle of bubbles! And a happy new year to you my dear. Thank you for coming by to visit! Oh no, I'm not clipping my wings just yet, but rather, my post was just to show what over six years of blogging has resulted in: fun, friendships and doubts. We all go through it, but it is probably a way to keep us all on our toes! And you mentioned the email subscription on my blog...it's still there, on my sidebar under my members. I hope it's working because it's been up for quite a long time now.

    I wish you health and happiness Natalie, and this year I hope will offer even more wonderful opportunities for growth and creativity!

    Much love! Anita


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