Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tricks and Treats

It wouldn't be Halloween without Charlie Brown!
I am blown away by the food artistry of Samantha Lee...
Far too beautiful to eat!
Her Instagram page is full of marvelous masterpieces...
With over 300,000 admirers!

More food fun via Pinterest

I love this pumpkin and may have to try something similar!
via Pinterest

Two of my favourites! Candy corn and Rice Krispy Treats,Fabulous idea!
via Pinterest

Sweet Ambs not only has some of the most beautifully decorated cookies out there, but she graciously shares How To videos so that you can attempt doing your own...Visit her site HERE.

Do you have any fun food decor items that you traditionally do? With the Web and sites like Pinterest, it is so easy to find inspiration within minutes! I have been enjoying some comfort food recipes lately, this time of year is one of my favorites.

Have a wonderful fall weekend !


Samantha Lee photos via Lost at E Minor


  1. Dear Nathalie, I am fascinated by food art, and these are just so darling and magnificent at the same time! Thank you for sharing them...(I love everything Charlie Brown too!)

    It was so lovely to see your message... :)
    Yes indeed, middle school is very "interesting" put it mildly. I'm still getting used to the fact that she is now a young woman, and not a little girl! Activities are keeping us busy as well, but at least the kids are able to pursue some passions...
    I find that much of the homework this year is "busy-work", but what can we do, right? I offer to home-school, and am met with "what about my friends?" ;) I agree with you....we just have to hope and pray that what they learn at home will carry them through the challenges of these "hormonal" years ... ;)

    Like you, I am blogging and visiting a bit less, but trying to get back into the groove of it...
    Take care, sweet friend...enjoy this week of "treats".. :)
    - Irina

  2. Oh so adorable!! I am so sorry to be remiss Nathalie!!
    See you soon!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. These are amazing! You have such great finds. Love the Charlie Brown and Snoopy. We did the Honor System this year...leaving the candy on the porch while we were out. Someone took it all! So I put the last 1/2 bag out when we got home and the last teens stole the rest. Hope you had a wonderful Halloween. Happy November to you!


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