Monday, September 9, 2013

If I Had The Time...

If I had the time...
I would take up knitting, or crocheting, and buy everything they have at Purl Soho! I came across their website when I was searching for a fabric, and immediately fell in love. Everything they do is so exquisite, and makes me want to create!
On the website you can get the pattern and a kit to make the gorgeous blanket above...

These Liberty coin purse kits are a perfect gift for the creative souls in your life...I want one!

Patterns galore...

This nap mat is available in a kit...

With everything you need!

More on my want list...

Embroidery supplies

Stunning yarns galore

Supply still life


They carry beautiful fabrics, including Liberty of London prints

My next trip to New York will include a stop in at their shop in Soho, it looks amazing! If you aren't in New York, their website is HERE, and be sure to sign up for the newsletter, because they are always coming out with new and fresh projects that I am pinning away...
For that day when I have "time"!

Have a wonderful week!


pictures via purl soho


  1. Natalie! BONJOUR! The weather is changing, FINALLY - and I feel like wrapping myself in a yummy knitted blanket right now! Rich colors and fun combinations would be nice to sit and create!

    Thank you for coming by to visit! The school year is off to a great start so far with many more assignments and new things to learn. Before we know it, the holidays will be here and another year will begin. PEACE and beauty to you! Anita

  2. These are all so lovely, dear Nathalie! Liberty of London is a favorite of mine....
    As our sweet Anita says, the holidays will be here soon, and these are great ideas to keep in mind....merci!
    How is the start of the new school year? Are the boys in the groove?
    Are you?? ;)
    Enjoy your week, chere amie...
    - Irina

  3. Hi Nathalie ~ Oh...just everything on their site is fabulous. And they have Liberty fabrics too!!! To be able to visit the NY store would be so fun.

    I hope all is well in lovely Vegas and the boys are enjoying being back at school? Where did the summer go? I hope you are enjoying a little bit more 'me' time if that's possible! Thank you so very much for your wonderful comment on my blog. It's always so terrific to hear from you. Yes we still have our home in Henderson. We have a great couple (both work for the Fire Dept.) who rent it. Bad news is we've been told now we have to replace all of the front lawn. Oh never ends!!! Take lots of care and have a good rest of this week. xoxo


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