Friday, August 2, 2013

The Land of Mac

I have entered a new world...
With a new Ipad and a new IMac Pro, I am on a big learning curve, and have been busy playing and learning by error.
This post is half mac half pc!
It is a good thing that I have young men in the house that learn these things at school and can help their poor Mother!

I have not been here on my blog very much due to this and life...
But I have to confess that I have been on Instagram with my new account there. Here is a glimpse of my life posted on Instagram the past few weeks ...

Lots of this going on...

Mangiamo bene in my house!

Art projects

Mac time fun

My beautiful girl cooling off

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

My spoiled Principessa Alba

The Venetian

My collection of vintage rosaries from travels in Europe

Spending time with my boys!

I hope your summer has been smooth sailing...
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Are you a Mac user? If you have any tips for a newbie like me, please share!

Have a great weekend,



  1. Welcome back, Nathalie! Sounds like you've been having fun. And that really is one beautiful girl, even dripping wet! Love seeing what you're up to! No trips to Paris of late but hoping maybe for Greece in the fall and Paris for Christmas.

  2. NATALIE!!!!!!!

    So nice to see you visit today! And now to come here to see your world, your kids (including the furry ones!!!) and the pool! You know, out here in Minneapolis, our summer has been rather cool. We had maybe 2 days of HOT weather, and the rest has been mild to cool! NOW FOR INSTAGRAM - I have no idea what it is, I need to research it, and I just may use it. But it does take a while to learn all the new technologies, doesn't it?


  3. I wish I had advice for you using a Mac... we used them in school. I have an IPad but only use my laptop otherwise. I, too, rely on my kids for technological help. What would we do without them?
    It looks like you are having a wonderful summer! I can hardly believe the school year will begin soon. I'm never ready to send them back.
    xoxo, B

  4. You've been a very busy girl! My daughter LOVES her Mac and I use it whenever I'm visiting her but it's still a little intimidating. Learning something new is good for us but painful, too! -- Jan

  5. I think I may enter the "Mac" family one day...I can't believe I haven't yet. I LOVE that picture of Alba!

  6. So good to see you posting, dear Nathalie! :)
    Love seeing the beautiful photos of you and your boys....eek...can you believe we are heading back to school??! Can we have one more month of Summer? ;)
    It's great that business is booming, and I wish you luck with the new Mac goodies...wish I could give advice, but I don't have a clue...
    I ask my daughter for help regarding all things tech too!! :))))
    Enjoy the week with your sweet ones...your Principessa is darling!
    - Irina

  7. Dear dear NATALIE! How I love that first photo of your all dressed up in that collage of pictures! And yes, all is well as is stated on the fine print!!! What a moment for us to wait in that stark room, in that hospital gown, freezing.....and waiting.



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