Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Once In A Blue Moon...

We sat under the blue moon,
In the night garden.
A breeze as soft as the lake water
Stroked us like silk,
Soft as the wings of a fairy,
Sweet as the breath of an angel,
And the moonlight washed away our sorrows,
Chased away our fears,
Bathed away the pain of the past,
Whilst we talked of many things...
Mother-daughter talk of truth and trust,
Underneath the rare blue moon,
Blossoming child-woman, graceful wise-woman,
Enveloped in the garden's womb.
Scent of night flowers perfumed the air,
Soft halo of moonlight on shimmering fair hair,
Washed in the purity of the silver light,
We sat under the blue moon late that night,
Drank chamomile tea in the magic moonlight,
And talked of many things...
In the night garden.

by Michelle Devlin

Don't miss it tonight!

image via google, poem by michelle devlin via allvoices.com


  1. Oh I love this. It's beautiful!!

    p.s. I am now following finally. I had been following the maximum of bloggers that Blogger allows (300) but then unfollowed some that had been inactive for a while. Thankfully that means I can now follow your wonderful blog :)

  2. Beautiful!!! There is certainly something magical about the moon and a blue moon ...priceless!! xo C. (HHL)

  3. That is so beautiful....
    Off to catch up...


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