Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So Long Summer...

Goodbye summer...

With both of my boys starting school this week, I feel as if summer is gone (even though it is still in the triple digits here...SO over that!), and I am ready to say goodbye to the pool and little summer dresses and get ready for some sweaters scarves and boots.

I feel like my summer flew by in a whirlwind...
How about you?


photo via pinterest


  1. It did fly by indeed. But I am more than ok with that, as autumn is definitely my favorite time of year, by far :)

  2. it totally flew by! it didnt get above 80ish here so it really didnt feel like summer. we didnt go to the pool last weekend bc it was only 70. I love sweaters and scarves so im not mad ;)

  3. What a cool pic!

    Yes, dear really flew by...
    And the boys are back this week?? We still have a few days to go, but Summer has decided on a late is so hot out there for us as well...
    After a rather cool August, this is startling...just when the weather is great for the beach, we head off to school! ;)
    Hoping for a cool down in your area...
    - Irina

  4. Know EXACTEMENT what you mean! The beginning of fall (which is definitely in the air) always makes me feel sad. And I feel like I'm in shock about the end of summer...and then realized the other day that it's been nearly a year since I was in SF. Seems only months ago. How is this all possible?! (Next week will be better!)
    Bisous, Kirsten


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