Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Park City in June

As promised, a few pictures of our trip to Park City, Utah, in June...a slice of heaven!

The cooler temps (70 vs. 100) and the green vistas were such a treat for us...

I love the aspen trees

We missed out on the famous zip line (next trip),but thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute scenic chair ride

Happy Boys...

Our dinner spot...just loved the vintage beer can collection and pizza at Davanza's

We were there for a lacrosse tournament

Still some snow up in the mountains!

Only six hours away from us, we can't wait to return...

And how I wish we were there now ~ we just survived a record breaking heatwave (temps of 115 ish for over a week), and now are cooler at 105, but our poor Mt. Charleston is fighting a terrible fire (only 15% contained) for 10 days now, and the smoke in the air is terrible.

Thankful for air conditioning!

Have a wonderful week ahead ~


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  1. Love the Park City photos! My father lives there and I missed the zip line last summer too after making the mistake of racing a child on uneven gravel. Skinned, bandaged knees the rest of the trip. But so glad you had a fun time! Maybe someday we'll have to meet up there. And sorry to hear about the fire. Keep us posted!
    xoxo, Kirsten


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