Friday, July 19, 2013

Krazy Kaleidoscope Art

I always loved kaleidoscopes as a child, watching the patterns and colours collide...I saw Michael Shainblum's amazing time lapse images of Las Vegas, San Diego, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles on Colossal this morning and was mesmerized!
Having lived in 3 of those cities, I have a feeling I will be watching the video over and over to guess which city has been edited with such finesse.

Mirror City Timelapse from Michael Shainblum on Vimeo.

      I hope your weekend is out of this world!


images via colossal

Friday, July 12, 2013

Happy Weekend To You!

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend! Somehow the weeks are flying by in a whirlwind of staying up late, sleeping in, working out at my new gym, visiting with friends, and...lots and lots of work! I had a to-do list a mile long for the summer that I am not sure will get done...oh well, there's always next year! A few things that caught my eye this week...

photo via cosmar on flickr

I'd love to be in Montreal, to see the Mosaicultures Internationales at the Montreal Botanical is there until September 29th. You can buy tickets here, and if like me you are not able to go but want to admire from afar, there are some stunning photos here on flickr.

The garden hose all glammed up!
See it here on Babble.

via dishfunctional designs

On my DIY list...
I need to find a stunning vintage globe with base first... there are several other amazing globe recycling ideas here.

via zsa zsa bellagio

Nothing says summer like a yummy strawberry pie!

My new toy!I love the little keyboard case for my new ipad mini...
I have a Windows phone, and have felt so out of the loop with all of the fun Apple apps out there. I am looking forward to some creative exploration !
Do you have any favourite photo editing apps that you prefer? Or some others I should know about? Please Share!

Whatever you're doing over the weekend,
Make it a good one!


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Park City in June

As promised, a few pictures of our trip to Park City, Utah, in June...a slice of heaven!

The cooler temps (70 vs. 100) and the green vistas were such a treat for us...

I love the aspen trees

We missed out on the famous zip line (next trip),but thoroughly enjoyed the 45 minute scenic chair ride

Happy Boys...

Our dinner spot...just loved the vintage beer can collection and pizza at Davanza's

We were there for a lacrosse tournament

Still some snow up in the mountains!

Only six hours away from us, we can't wait to return...

And how I wish we were there now ~ we just survived a record breaking heatwave (temps of 115 ish for over a week), and now are cooler at 105, but our poor Mt. Charleston is fighting a terrible fire (only 15% contained) for 10 days now, and the smoke in the air is terrible.

Thankful for air conditioning!

Have a wonderful week ahead ~


Friday, July 5, 2013

Feed USA for Target

It's always fun to see the designer collections that Target brings to their stores...Some I like, and some I don't. A few years ago I won a Giveaway of $500 worth of the Calypso collection, and am still loving my goodies. Not only do I really LIKE the collection by Feed USA for Target, I will gladly make multiple purchases to help provide meals to children and families across America.

A FEW of my favorites...
View the entire collection HERE

I hope that your 4th of July was full of fun! We are having a terrible heatwave here in Las Vegas, record breaking temps. Even the pool is hot, so we are suffering inside in the air conditioning. The roads are empty ~ quite strange ~ as everyone is inside or left town. We are hoping for a reprieve this coming week!

How's your weather, are you having a typical summer?

Enjoy your weekend,

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

photo available here


xo, Nathalie

vintage photo via maclancy