Sunday, June 2, 2013

Street Art a Paris

I have walked the streets of Paris for miles on end, and can only imagine what a surprise it would be to turn a bend and see one of Parisian street artist Levalet's pieces...

I always love the mix of old and new in Europe...the mimes in particular are so cool to me!

You can read more about him on Lost at E Minor.

It is our last week of school ~ I honestly do not know where this year went, it flew by so fast! Our temperatures have hit the triple digits, so we are in the pool as often as we can. I am looking forward to a weekend getaway to Park City, Utah, in the middle of the month, and then back to a week full of company...some of my best friends and family.
So I know that June will be gone in a blink of an eye.

And July will be poolside, relaxing and catching up on all of my little projects all over the house.

How is your summer looking, do you have any fun plans?


photos via Levalet and Lost at E Minor

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  1. BEAUTIFUL NATALIE! Oh dear, you and another dear blogger pal report triple digit temps! AHH! When I lived in L.A., that was the case, but here in Minneapolis, we are happy with today's temps at 65, no rain, puffy white clouds and out in the garden!

    Thank you so very much for coming to visit. And this street are is the heartbeat of any city, but especially, PARIS! LOVE IT! Anita


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