Monday, June 17, 2013

Monday Mornings

Happy Monday!
I hope that you are easing into summer,
 and savouring it!
I just got back from Park City, Utah...
It was so beautiful,
I will share some pictures later this week.

A ring pillow that I made for a customer's
wedding says it all:

"la dolce vita"

May your week be full of the sweet life!



  1. Happy Monday and start of the week my friend ... Your photos are always wonderfully inspiring , looking forward to seeing them. Hugs and blessings, C. (HHL)

  2. Hi Nathalie!! This pillow is simply lovely! Looking forward to seeing your travel pics. Hope summer is treating you right, girl :)

  3. I am easing into summer as best I can. I hope you have a beautiful day :)

  4. Hey, my father lives in Park City! Isn't it a great place? What were you doing there? Business or pleasure?!


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