Monday, March 11, 2013

Sometimes You Just Need To Dance

sculptures by Regardt Van Der Meulen

We dance for laughter,
We dance for tears,
We dance for madness,
We dance for tears,
We dance for hopes,
We dance for screams,
We are the dancers,
We create the dreams.

~ unknown

sculpture by Regardt Van Der Meulen

sculptures by Daniel Burns Fleming

Francesco Romoli

When I woke up this morning, it was dark...

Sometimes you just need to get some music on and dance, dance until all of the kinks are out!

I am crazy in love with these over 6 foot tall steel dancers by Regart van der Meulen, and if you visit often, you may know my admiration of Daniel Burns Flemings' petite bronzes.

We all have a dancer within...
Put on your dancing shoes and have a great week!


images via
regardt van der meulen here
daniel burns fleming here
francesco romoli via pinterest


  1. Oh, I will forever be a dancer. I was born to be one, I lived as one, and I will die one. What a gift. ENJOY YOUR DAY NATALIE! Anita

  2. They are stunning. I used to dance, now I am thrilled to walk. What a lovely photo.

  3. Ohhhh how I love that last one of the older woman with the playful shadow!

  4. Indeed, a dancer in all of us!! Bonjour chere Nathalie!
    How are you, sweet friend?
    These sculptures are gorgeous, and I am loving that last photo...
    I have always had dance inside of me...when I was eight years old, I declared to my dear mother that I wanted to become a disco dancer...that dream is still there...ha! :)
    And you should see Anita dance!!! :)))
    - Irina


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