Sunday, February 24, 2013

Will You Be Watching?

And the big day is here!
I honestly cannot believe that it was 19 years ago 
that Wolfgang Puck started doing 
the Governor's Ball...
I was called in to manage the floor in a Bob Mackie loaner...
 it was the year that Forest Gump won, and I oversaw 
the Forest Gump tables. 
I will never forget the moment when the doors
opened, and everyone started pouring 
into the room in their stunning gowns.
Talk about a starstruck experience!

19 years later, and Wolfgang and
 his stellar crew are still going strong ~

Today they are cooking for 1,600 people.

Read about the menu HERE.

Do you have any favourites to win? 



picture via wolfgang puck catering's tumblr 


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