Monday, February 4, 2013

Portraiture on The Plains

I imagine artist Ed Fairburn looks at a map like Michelangelo looked at a stone...the face was there amidst the topography, just waiting to be set free? I have a thing for maps, and am loving all of the creative artists that are using them in so many unique ways. 

I wonder what the future holds for maps? Will they become obsolete, sold in stacks at garage sales and vintage stores? Part of a road trip was always pulling over to the side of the road, and folding the map down to a reasonable size to read, and find out where we were. You'd have to take several minutes of rustling and oops it's upside down...but it was romantic. No annoying GPS girl bleeping into your conversation " turn right point three miles"...

How do you feel about maps versus GPS?

To see more of Ed Fairburn's amazing art, visit his site HERE.

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Have a fabulous week,

xo, Nathalie

all pictures via ed fairburn


  1. I am in awe here! What amazing artist's!
    Talk about creative... WOW!
    I am of the old school, would prefer a MAP...
    Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful artwork with us.

  2. WOW. Oh there are so many artists out there!!!!!! LOVE TO YOU NATALIE! Anita

  3. My goodness there is some beautiful talent in the world...WOW

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  5. Maps all the way for me! heee....
    Another incredible artist...
    Thank you, dear friend, for yet another inspirational post and a chance to keep opening our minds!


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