Saturday, January 12, 2013


Many people don't know it, but we ski here in Las Vegas ~ Mt. Charleston is home to the Las Vegas Ski and Snowboard Resort, just 30 minutes from my house (an hour from the "Strip"). I am in the process of coordinating a Ski Lesson Field trip for my 3rd Grader's Class right now, so have skiing on the brain...

Not only a ton of fun, but some great "Kodak Moments"  will be had ...

As long as the roads are plowed...

And everyone is bundled up, Lol!

Do you ski? If you have kids, do they ski?

It is chilly just about everywhere, here included...
I hope you are staying warm and cosy!


pictures via pinterest here
and many of them from poppy gall design studio's boards here


  1. NATALIE! Oh, I never would have thought about LAS VEGAS + WINTER = SKI! NEVER!

    Thank you my sweet for coming to visit ! The shop loves my dress and JUST THIS MORNING, I took my husband to see the window. They are not quite done with the whole window, but it looks pretty fantastic. A wonderful sign with a write-up on me and my contact information is in the window as well and I will take some photos of it when our weather clears up a bit then share! THANK YOU FOR ASKING! Big hugs and stay warm! Anita

  2. Most of my friends were (some still are) avid skiers ... me not so much ... though I always enjoyed the fireplace at the lodge and hot chocolate ... that was my skiing.
    We experienced double digit temps today (11 and in some areas 13 degrees) ... the grass looks green - something I have never seen in all my years living in Canada - in January, green grass. Wishing you a fabulous week-end and wonderful skiing ... xo Blessings, C. (HHL)

  3. Enjoy, dear friend, sounds like fun!
    I used to love cross-country...downhill is a bit too much for me.. ;)
    Right now we are in the negatives here...can't even think of being outside.
    - Irina


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