Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy Weekend Number One For 2013!

Hooray, the first weekend is here!
Will you be doing something fun to start the year off, or putting away the last of Christmas and 2012 papers like me?

Whatever you are doing,
I hope you have a spring in your step
and a smile on your face!


be happy via here
quote via live life happy here


  1. Nathalie! I just followed you on Pinterest on this the first Friday of 2013. and ...promptly got lost in your jewelry board!!! Oh My Gosh, that is an amazing collection you have there; antique, modern, contempo and hand made. So inspiring of you, thank you!

  2. THIS IS GREAT ADVICE! The first thing upon waking up each day is drinking a large glass of water....the best way to wake up!

    Happy first step my dear! Anita


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