Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Only Decoration on My Tree...

Here's my only decoration so far!
I am terrified to add any ornaments ~ it is obvious I will have to find another spot for all of my crystal lovelies!!!

Do any of you have kitties that love trees?



  1. hi! omg-osh!! i had two kitties (bro&sis) for 18-16 years. when first christmas they knocked my fake tree down THREE times. the next year when older i used 'indoor no' and they would stay away for all of their remaining years. kittens are sooooo curious. best of luck with this kitty Christmas issue. LOL

  2. Natalie
    Oh my word! How funny... No, I do not have any kittens but Jasper my poodle and decided that the tree skirt this year is his.. I replaced it last year, it has a white fur trim around it so he thinks it is for him to play with... The word NO has been used frequently.

    Wishing you a beautiful holiday season

  3. Nathalie ... OMYGOSH!!! looks like your little furbaby is wanting front row seat top the Christmas festivities... Thankfully our little furbabies have so far stayed away from tree and the gifts underneath it ... This photo however did make my day ... xo C. (HHL)

  4. OK, that is just too cute! I'm sure you would like to add your ornaments, but perhaps the lights ( and kitty) are more than enough. We don't have a cat, but I know they are naturally quite curious.
    Happy Holidays to you, Nathalie!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHH! THAT IS HILARIOUS! Oh dear, is there anywhere you can put ANOTHER TREE that he cannot get to? This can be HIS TREE, but you may have to put one in a cabinet!!!! OH Natalie, that is hilarious! Anita

  6. Happy Holiday season, Nathalie! Such a fun time of year. Hope you enjoy the best it has to offer (and buy little kitty toys to put on strings for the lower part of the tree...altho I guess that just encourages the wrongful acts!). Oh well. Enjoy!

  7. NATALIE! Thank you for coming over and I DO THINK that this cat has seized your tree! He looks adorable there! LEAVE IT FOR HIM! teeheeeee that is just too adorable! Anita

  8. Yikes, my comments have been disappearing like some mysterious magic...I know I left one here in response to this giggle-inducing post!
    How did this all work out?
    Did kitty give the tree back? ;)
    Wishing you a splendid Christmas, dear Nathalie..
    - Irina


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