Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Looking Ahead

Oh I am in love with these shots of Paris in a bubble by Melvin Sokolsky for Harpers Bazaar, shot in 1963!
You can see the rest of the shoot here...

This captures my mood at the moment, I feel like I have been in a bubble with the sudden onslaught of carpal tunnel that came on, making it painful to do just about anything. I will be having surgery this friday for it, and am looking forward to popping this bubble and having my life back! And having the fingers to type away and visit and 
wish you ALL a Happy Holiday Season!


photo via lost at e minor


  1. MY DEAR ONE! NOOOO! I have another beloved blogger and email friend that is having the same issue, leaving her feeling very uncomfortable at the keyboard. I WISH YOU A SUCCESSFUL SURGERY! I will be thinking of you my dear! Anita

  2. Incredible photo shoot! Best wishes on your surgery.

  3. Nathalie dear, I am so late here...I hope it went well, and you are feeling good!
    On to catch up with the newest post...


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