Monday, November 12, 2012

Literature In The Streets

Literature and lights ~ How I'd love to have been in Melbourne to see this installation by Luzinterruptus of 10,000 discarded books lit with LED's in the streets...
The last day of the one month long installation,people were allowed to take them home. I love books, and would have needed a wheelbarrow I think! I wonder how many people put their cellphones, ipads, and kindles aside to peruse...

" A room without books is like a body without soul"

Or in this case it would be a street!

Has winter hit you yet? Overnight we went from 80's to 40's in the day...brrrr!The flannel sheets are on, the kitty is parked next to the fireplace, hot cocoa on the stove. I am liking it! Except for the days and nights of football and lacrosse practice...mondieu!

Have a wonderful week ahead,


  1. WOW! WHAT IS THIS? I have not heard of this! That took a lot of time, energy and resources! Fantastic way to get people to think about reading!!!

    We had a bit of snow yesterday, but it warmed up and this weekend we are supposed to have high 50s for temps! STRANGE!

    Have a great day Natalie! Anita

  2. I love books too! This would have been fabulous to see.
    xoxo, B

  3. I think I would have needed a truck! :)))
    What a cool installation...just fantastic!
    How are you, dear Nathalie? Are the temps still cool chez toi?
    We are in a strange warm front this week, but not for long...
    I hope you have a beautiful Thanksgiving, sweet friend...
    - Irina


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