Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas is Coming!

Well, it is OFFICIALLY time to get ready for Christmas (although the stores thought differently)! We are thinking about getting the decorations and tree up this weekend, but then it may trickle into next week...How I would LOVE a tree in this shade! With magical mist included...
My dear friend gave me this stunning ornament, it is just SO pretty ~ I love Mercury glass, and Sparkle...and of course PARIS and the Tour Eiffel! I can't wait to find a special spot for it. A tradition that I started the first year my husband and I shared a Christmas together, was to purchase an annual ornament made of sterling or crystal each year ~ we have 15 or 16 now ( I have to count!).
Do you have any favorite traditions in your home?

I hope all of you in the US had a fantastic Thanksgiving...


top photo via here
ornament via pottery barn


  1. What a gorgeous sight, those trees!!
    And a stunning ornament...I am so ready for sparkle and glitter....and yes, we did get snow...
    It only reached about 30 degrees today! Brrr! :)
    Thank you, sweet Nathalie, for visiting me...always a treat.
    Enjoy your Sunday!
    - Irina

  2. WOW what a photo! THAT RED TREE is stunning! Natalie ma chère! How I thank you for your kind words of encouragement. YES, finding the right niche and audience is a process, and as long as my husband is supportive, I am on this road. It is FUN and who knows what will happen. I love making paper wonders but there is a specific audience. I just need to reach them!


  3. Love that ornament! And that tree. Hope you had a very special Thanksgiving and many plans in the works for the holidays! Funny, my post today is about one of the French traditions that I love. Can't wait to see the finds you post about this season. Always so beautiful.
    Bisous, Kirsten


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