Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wednesday Wandering

A few of my favorites that I have recently come across ~

These glowing tree stumps by Judson Beaumont would be divine for an outdoor soiree, wouldn't they? 

On my to-do list ~ a sequined pumpkin like this one by Nony Tochterman...too fabulous! She tells you how to do it here.

What a beautiful way to remember to be thankful, with this spoon garland by Spooner Z.

Carafe Un Verre, a carafe with a wine glass inside that fills up...and empties! By Claudio Colucci. This would be a good conversation piece at the Thanksgiving table!

I always admire a great kitchen, and this one in the Glen 2961 House by SAOTA in Cape Town, South Africa looks absolutely divine...

From my favorite store..
I am addicted to their latest product!

Have a wonderful week!



  1. Good afternoon sweet Natalie! Oh, those tree stumps are quite wonderful! HAPPY EVENING! Anita

  2. Every girl needs a sequined pumpkin, at least one! a wine bottle in the carafe is a brilliant idea. I can see this being the topic of conversation at table! Love it.

  3. These are all wonderful! The sequined (or at least glittered) pumpkin is a must... :)
    A new TJ just opened up nearby..I will check out the body butter!


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