Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Some Etsy Love...

I am always amazed at the talent that you find on Etsy ~
I thought I would share some of my recent purchases and finds!
I know many of you that visit know Anita Rivera, of Castles Crowns and Cottages. But do you know of her Etsy shop filled with the most wonderfully romantic and immensely creative pieces of art?


And full of beauty, you feel her essence in each piece she makes...I was one of her first customers on Etsy!

The ever so lovely and creative Penelope Valencia of Neena Creates makes the coolest,most unique,and oh so comfortable t-shirts...I have all three of these that I adore, and will be buying more, as I don't want to wear anything else!

She will switch colors and styles with the design you like also...it has truly been a delight working with her! 

A new find, Puur Anders will custom make these brooches and necklaces with your photos....

I am in love with them, and need to pick through and decide on which ones I will order...

I would love this with one of my Grandmother's photos...hmmm, a great Christmas gift for my Mother and Sister....(shhh!)

I read an article on Daniel Fleming's bronze sculptures, and fell in love with these hands...I ordered them as a gift for a dear friend, and was so impressed with not only how quickly they arrived, but the exquisite quality and elegance. I will be buying some for myself now!

More of Daniel Fleming's work

I love buying on Etsy, and supporting "Handmade"...
You feel the essence of the creator, and know that you are helping to support someone who has a dream and is following their passions! And I love selling on Etsy...I meet the most wonderful people, and am truly blessed to do what I love!

Have a wonderfully creative week,


all images via Etsy

Castles Crowns and Cottages The Shop
Neena Creates
Puur Anders
Daniel Fleming



    I thank you so much for this, I really do! I so believe in HANDMADE. There ARE many talented artisans out there that would love to make a small living from the LOVE and art of their hands, me included! This is really an honor my friend, an real honor! I got an order last night and I am working on it right now!

    MANY THANKS and I love that bronze sculpture artist's work, along with all the others!


  2. Nathalie ... Anita is brilliant!! I was blessed to have won a giveaway from her blog ... before she open her ETSY boutique ; and I proudly display her work in my dressing room .. it's brilliant and inspiring!!!

    Thank you for introducing these other fabulous martians!! Handmade from the heart are the best gifts one can give from the heart ... Blessings, xo C. (HHL)

  3. Good evening Nathalie,
    Anita's artwork reflects her soul... Beautiful!
    I am blessed to hold some of her most exquisite pieces... I will treasure them always, as I treasure her friendship.

    How very kind of you to feature all these very talent artisans.. The bronze hands sculpture is exquisite, and I love the photo necklace.. Yes, that would make a very thoughtful gift.

  4. You always find the most unique pieces on etsy, Nathalie! Thanks for sharing these great finds with us. Hope you're well! xo

  5. And how wonderful of you to hightlight the work of some of your favorite artists! I just love the community support of blogland.
    xoxo, Kirsten


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