Friday, October 12, 2012

Feeling Fall...

Happy Friday!
It's here, Fall is really here in Las last!
I wore boots and a coat today, we had a huge thunderstorm last night, buckets of rain, and we awoke to see snow on Mt. Charleston ~
I am so excited!
So ready to see the leaves change colour and fall from the trees ~

The scent of spiced cider wafting through the air ~

Fall veggies like this butternut squash  and crispy sage pizza....mmmm!

Hot cocoa cookies....Divine!

Comfort chili like this by my dear friend
Chef Jennifer Naylor ( the premier caterer in Malibu)


Cords and comfy sweaters in luscious shades ~

I would choose any of these ensembles put together by Archimedes on Polyvore...

How about you, what is your favorite part of Fall?

Have a wonderful weekend!

all pictures via Pinterest here


  1. Nice Autumn ensembles. Make me want to organize my closet and get all the sweaters out, especially today because it is raining. take care. Have a nice time this weekend.

  2. Sweet Natalie,

    You have shared the perfect fall weekend from garden pleasures, food, wardrobe and all around general FUN!

    Happy weekend, Anita

  3. My favorite part of fall is my writing retreat on the Oregon Coast where I am now! We too have had buckets of rain, blowing sideways. Two days of storming and finally today the sun came out. I always love your finds. I would never find these things on my own so I come to you so you can do it for me. Happy fall to you, Nathalie! Bisous, Kirsten
    P.S. I think my other favorite thing about fall is the smell. The scent of crisp, wet evenings with woodsmoke are almost as good as summer nights (but I'm still a spring/summer gal!) P.P.S. I miss Catherine from A Thousand Clapping Hands, don't you?


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