Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Take Me Away...

The weekend is here again! Wow time flies...

Since I desperately need a weekend get-away ( but do not see one happening in the near future), I think I will take a weekly get-away here! Care to join me?

This weekend I would love to go to Berlin ( although the actual dates are 10/10 to 10/21) to see their Annual Festival of Lights  ~ 

All over town they have landmarks lit up so beautifully...

What a great weekend get-away, no?

Do you have a get-away planned soon? 

Enjoy and Relax,


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  1. Bonjour Nathalie,
    Just had a weekend getaway in San Francisco. First time I've been there in toooo long! Foggy most of the weekend but the last day was 80 degrees. (And friends said it was 85 yesterday!) My favorite city next to Paris. Such a lovely time. But now I'm ready for another one. Thanks for transporting me to Berlin (still on my travel list). I have a cousin going to school there now. Will have to tell her to post photos of the light show coming up. A wonderful week to you!
    Bisous, Kirsten


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