Friday, September 21, 2012

Travel in Style...The Chateau de Versailles RER

If I had unlimited time and funds,
this is where I would be this weekend...
Taking the RER in Paris, that has been redecorated as a replica of the Chateau de Versailles ~

Exquisite, non!?

Racing through the French countryside in the ultimate decadence...

Who would want to get off???

So, this is where my mind will be drifting off to this weekend...I would need to borrow some of the clothing from Anna Della Russo's Japan Vogue shoot below,to really do it in style!

Care to join me???

Enjoy the weekend!


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  1. Hi Nathalie - count me in! We were suppose to go to Paris two weeks ago but sadly the funds for our trip went ...guess? Henderson! Our tenants did a runner and left our home there in shambles. $15,000. later and it's still not ready to lease out yet. I'm so happy you posted about this amazing train. Another one for the bucket list for sure. You have the best ideas! I hope you and your family are all very well. My youngest daughter was in town last weekend for a football game between WSU & UNLV. I hope you didn't see her face on the news..eek!! Well..maybe Paris for us both next year?
    Have a lovely weekend xx Deb

  2. Nathalie, count me in ~ this sounds like an absolute amazing adventure!! I will embark on the dream with you this as I relax and take some me time over the week-end. Happy week-end ..xo C.

  3. ooooooo TAKE ME NOW!!!!!!! Oh Natalie, what a trip that would be, huh???????

    My sweet friend! My mini Etsy is no longer, BUT, if you come back to my post, JUST UNDER THE MUSIC VIDEO is a black navigation bar. There is an ABOUT ME button, CONTACT ME, ETSY and WEBSITE. Hit the Etsy and VOILĂ€, you are there!!!!

    I am discouraged with selling BUT i will continue, for I can't stop making things. My latest is a horse wand that is really fabulous but I was out all day long and was unable to photograph him.....thank you so much for asking and DO VISIT !!!!!!! HUGS TO YOU! Anita

  4. Hello Nathalie

    You have created such an invitation and I want to come along. This sounds marvelous
    I am presently in Ireland, today touring around Co Kerry but next week I would be ready to join you in France

    Helen x

  5. Hello there kind friend! Thank you for visiting my post and my Etsy today!!! Your encouragement goes a long way; I have abilities, but I need to find ways to expose my work.....or find practical uses for my art!!!!!!!! LOVE TO YOU! Anita

  6. Nathalie I am astounded!! What an exquisite adventure!!Enjoy!

    2012 Artist Series


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