Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Hair

With Fall around the corner, (it is still in the 90's here...slowly but surely it will come!), I get so excited to get my Fall wardrobe in gear. And the hair and makeup follows suit. How I wish I could do bangs...what an easy way to cover up any lines! Somehow they never worked for me though ~

I love this look...the casual pullback, and the pale complexion with the burgundy lips ~

Well! The 60's bouffant is back in gear for Fall...
I was there the second time around, but may pass on this trend this time around ~ 

Decorative hair ornaments are in...
So pretty!

I am so glad that the classic ponytail is in, because this is me  90% of the time ~

Love these rosy cheeks!

If this look from Sister by Sibling of London ends up on the streets...It will definitely cause a stir! 

What are your favourite changes for fall?
A different lipstick, hairstyle, hats?

Happy Monday to you all!


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    I just took a break from my paper dress ( I am making another one but for what? :) I can't stop making them, they are so fun and beautiful. OH FALL.....I just love wearing my mid-calf boots with a sassy little skirt and black tights to cover a multitude of sins.....teehee and my 54, I have very little gray hair. I could go long hair but I always end up cutting it!

    Thank you my friend for visiting! Yes, Etsy has been slow but it has caused me to rethink what I am doing and therefore I am going to join our local book art center and see about selling some of my things at their holiday fair. It is a wonderful place to take classes and meet other artists,and Minneapolis is teeming with artists, however, there is only ONE paper artist here in the Twin Cities, according the the art center. I want to be the SECOND!

    I have tried in the past to create treasuries, but I always do something wrong that results in a mistake and nothing! ZERO! I am not too swift with technology and I need to have someone NEXT TO ME to help me with the steps!!!!!!!

    I will try and see if I can do it again and see if that helps; I do get a lot of visits but no more bites. Maybe it is the economy.

    I am so glad to know however, that you are doing so WELL!!!!! BRAVO! AND have a wonderful evening dear friend! Anita

  2. Yes!! Autumn!!! I can't wait for it to be in full season. I love the scarves! the boots!! and that is so much easier to keep my curly hair, straight ... wishing you a gorgeous week!! xo HHL

  3. That last trend is definitely NOT wearable! LOL
    They do come up with the silliest things sometime.
    But I love that second look the best. The burgundy lips look great with her complexion!


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