Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend Take Me Away...

The weekend is here again! Wow time flies...

Since I desperately need a weekend get-away ( but do not see one happening in the near future), I think I will take a weekly get-away here! Care to join me?

This weekend I would love to go to Berlin ( although the actual dates are 10/10 to 10/21) to see their Annual Festival of Lights  ~ 

All over town they have landmarks lit up so beautifully...

What a great weekend get-away, no?

Do you have a get-away planned soon? 

Enjoy and Relax,


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Penny for Your Map?

The creative minds out in the world never cease to amaze me...

Swedish Design Studio Bedow has created these maps using the areas currencies ~

Very cool!

Almost 3,000 coins were used in this one.
Wouldn't this be great on a wall!?

Have a great week,


via my modern met

Friday, September 21, 2012

Travel in Style...The Chateau de Versailles RER

If I had unlimited time and funds,
this is where I would be this weekend...
Taking the RER in Paris, that has been redecorated as a replica of the Chateau de Versailles ~

Exquisite, non!?

Racing through the French countryside in the ultimate decadence...

Who would want to get off???

So, this is where my mind will be drifting off to this weekend...I would need to borrow some of the clothing from Anna Della Russo's Japan Vogue shoot below,to really do it in style!

Care to join me???

Enjoy the weekend!


via lost at e minor

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

ADR I Will Miss You

 I have eagerly been counting the days until October 5th, when Anna dello Russo's collection for H&M comes to the stores...
We have the largest H&M store in the country here at the Forum Shops in Las Vegas, so it didn't even cross my mind that it wouldn't come here...My girlfriend and I had our lunch/shop date all set...
Only to find out today that we will have to go to LA if we want the shopping part of the date...
Vegas isn't cool enough for Anna!

I can't say I would die for the entire collection...
But she is just too fun and vibrant, I would love some of it!

Here is a shot from her recent Japan Vogue spread that she styled...

And below, her crazy ad for the H&M line, and the behind the scenes video from the Japan Vogue shoot...which I just love!
I wish I could have fun and play dress up all day...

What do you think of her line? will it be coming to your H&M?

If so, have fun for me...
Luckily, my Mother is in LA and will be checking on a few things for me...

Happy Wednesday!


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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fall Hair

With Fall around the corner, (it is still in the 90's here...slowly but surely it will come!), I get so excited to get my Fall wardrobe in gear. And the hair and makeup follows suit. How I wish I could do bangs...what an easy way to cover up any lines! Somehow they never worked for me though ~

I love this look...the casual pullback, and the pale complexion with the burgundy lips ~

Well! The 60's bouffant is back in gear for Fall...
I was there the second time around, but may pass on this trend this time around ~ 

Decorative hair ornaments are in...
So pretty!

I am so glad that the classic ponytail is in, because this is me  90% of the time ~

Love these rosy cheeks!

If this look from Sister by Sibling of London ends up on the streets...It will definitely cause a stir! 

What are your favourite changes for fall?
A different lipstick, hairstyle, hats?

Happy Monday to you all!


images via google, tumblr

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Feeling Fall

via Hermes

Today was the first day I woke up to a little briskness in the air...
(no small accomplishment after a Las Vegas summer)
I am so excited about Fall!

via Handmade Charlotte

How adorable are these owl cookies by Sugarbelle?

via Hermes

Hermes has my Fall inspirations dialed...
Such a gorgeous ad campaign!

Have you seen the limited edition Warhol Campbell's soup cans in your grocery aisles? I have to remember to go and get some before they are out....

Are you in a Fall mood yet?


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Let There Be Light!

On this day of dark memories, let there be light ~ 
with these brilliant long exposure photos by David Johnson of the Casino du Lac-Leamy Sound of Light Fireworks Festival in Quebec  ~


They remind me of a dandelion...

Make a Wish ~

And may it come true!

And shall we never forget those that lost their lives on this day, to be remembered with light and at peace.


photos via lost at e minor

Sunday, September 9, 2012

An Extended Break..

I didn't mean to be away so long!
I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of Fall, and enjoyed the summer ~
I don't know why, maybe because my boys are getting older, my business busier...but the summer seemed to FLY by!
A little re-cap of where I've been...

I took a quick trip to surprise my Grandmother, who turns 91 this month. It was wonderful, she is doing fantastic, and warmed my heart immensely.

School started within days of my return...
The first day of JR High ~ 

And Third Grade...
I have the elementary school down pat after years of attending there, but with everything new at Jr High, I am still swimming in paperwork and school meetings...

Football season is here, and that means football practice...times two, in two different places this year.

My eldest is training hard for his Black Belt test in Karate, and my youngest just started...of course the classes are different days, so that is 5 times a week :)
BUT! I joined a Bodysculpting gym there, so now I get a little added incentive to go...

Dolce Dreams is busy busy busy, and I have to figure out where I am going with it...I am trying to set up a room as a workspace of my own ( I used to have several spots throughout the house)...
This space above is such an inspiration!
The first week of school, and we all got sick with a rotten lingering cold that set us back a bit. Tis the Season!

This past week was a rough one...
I lost two wonderful women in my life...
One that bravely fought breast cancer for years ~
And a very close friend of our family, who was in her car at 3pm at an intersection blocks from my home, when she was killed by a teenager on drugs who ran a red light.
Tough, really tough...
Heaven now has two more beautiful angels...

I will end with a positive, a blessing of joyous life...
My new little niece that makes my heart swoon! 
She brings me so much joy, and her Mamma,one of my dearest friends who has wanted this angel for sooo long...
She of course will be spoiled endlessly by me, and is my muse for Dolce Dreams, so be prepared to see more of her!

And that my dear blogging friends is that..
La Vita...
The good and the bad, it is what keeps us ticking.
I miss the comraderie of my visits, and the delightful comments that you leave.

I hope to be back regularly, but with this roller coaster I am on, I will do my best!

What is going on with you? I haven't been visiting, so tell me, tell me!


pictures by moi and via pinterest