Friday, July 27, 2012

Fabulous Fridays

Oh my, Friday is here, and how I would love to be in a warm salty ocean for the weekend! I grew up in California (not warm, but salty ocean), and in Hawaii ( the loveliest salty water
E-V-E-R ), and am a surfer girl at heart, even though those days are long gone. I came across the work of photographer Mark Tipple, and am in awe! How I would love an entire wall of large sized prints to dive into and get carried away...
The underwater surfer shots are amazing ~

I am way overdue for an ocean fix...
I still remember the day when I first went to the ocean beach in San Francisco as a child. I was mesmerized with the pounding of the surf. After experiencing lakes and rivers, the ocean was so different. Later, learning to bodysurf and boogie board ( I never got past paddling on a real board!), I truly became in awe of the power and the beauty of those waves.

Are you a fresh or salt water fan?

If you'd like to see more of Mark Tipple's work, visit his site here 

Have a fantastic weekend! Are you going to be in front of the telly watching the Olympics? I am looking forward to them!


Top Photo via pinterest
All other phots by Mark Tipple


  1. Those are the greatest pictures. I would love to go to the ocean, too. I do not go in....only to knees...but it has a great effect to watch it and listen. Love it.

  2. "How I would love an entire wall of large sized prints to dive into and get carried away..."

    Haha I'm sure I could arrange that for you...thanks for the kind words!!


  3. Beautiful photography. I can understand your longing for the ocean. I think, at some level, it is almost universal. It reminds us how small we are! I grew up land locked with 3 mighty rivers dominated by boaters. I just sold my boat a few weeks ago and now I am thinking that might have been a mistake, then again maybe not. It is now back on the big lake, happy as a boat should be.

  4. Finally back, Dear Nathalie (aka. Surfer Girl).
    Hope you've been enjoying a fabulous summer. I fell down and skinned both my knees (hand and elbow) so am still recovering from that. Haven't done that since I was a child. Had to make sure the crowd I was traveling with knew 'I really can run without falling down'.
    Just saw the pictures of your last post and now have to go check them out.
    Happy summer to you!

  5. Goodness!! These photos are incredible!

    I too wish that I was floating in a salty ocean :)!

    Happy Summer!

  6. These are gorgeous and so powerful, dear friend!
    Oh, I was born on the sea, and am always pining to be near saltwater...and you experienced Hawaii?! Magnificent!
    Summer is whizzing by, isn't it?
    I can't believe I'm saying this, but with the extreme weather, I'm kind of looking forward to fall... ;)
    - Irina


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