Monday, June 18, 2012

Summer Projects

Some of my "DIY" items from my Pinterest board that I'd love to find some time for this summer ~

Handprints here
Painted silver baskets here
Paper Peonies here
Embroidered map here

Chalkboard burl via pinterest
Succulents via pinterest
Mercury Glass DIY here
Teacups here

How about you, do you have any fun projects you'd like to find some time for?

My Pinterest Boards are Italian this week, a trip to Italy is what I would really like  to find time for!

Have a fabulous week,



  1. Man -- Do I ever? I just finished my desk (revealed today) and I have an old metal chair and I have a dining room table and a old dresser that I decided NOT to sell at my Yard Sale, but to keep and paint YELLOWWWW. I might fore go the others and do the dresser first!!
    Thanks for asking.

  2. Awh, thanks! Ya, my Daddy was a great guy.

  3. I love both these boards Nathalie, simply gorgeous! Oh and speaking of gorgeous I finally gave your exquisite baby clutch to my sister (I had not seen her in ages!!) yesterday, she remained speechless (does not happen often!) she was so so grateful and wanted me to write to you and to thank you so so much for your generosity - hope you don't mind I did it here. Have a magical week! xx :)

  4. I love the little succulents in silver holders!


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