Friday, June 15, 2012

Mes Amies de Paris

doisneau via carla loves photography

What a fun week it was, visiting Paris and meeting so many fabulous new friends through Anita's Paris Party! I had a wonderful time...

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I always find it incredible that we can connect with like minded people all over the globe via blogging...

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And become friends,even though we have not physically met ~ 

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Modern day penpals ~

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I look forward to visiting you all ~ and continuing the relationships!

via emily hodnett at smells like home

I came across this unbelievable Giant S'mores stuffed Chocolate Chip cookie recipe at exPress-o yesterday.... 

recipe from smells like home

Seriously dangerous....
I may have to make these for Father's Day, isn't this a perfect guy recipe? I know mine will go crazy...and I might have to splurge a little myself!

photo by moi

I wish you all a beautiful weekend, new ond old friends magnolia tree has been bursting with blooms lately, and I have been capturing some inside and basking in their heavenly scent...
To die for!



  1. Ma chère et jolie Natalie!!!!

    My dear heart, I will definitely put you down for a change to win the shoe!!!!!!! YOU DO NOT KNOW how much I adore my little pillow from your shop. The colors are so perfect with my gray/gold and white French décor; it gives me so much joy. I so hope you have a GREAT CHANCE of winning....I am so loving my paper shoes. But I best do some cards and tags..things that people can use and afford!!! But an artist must experiment!

    I love these photos and those cookies....yikes...I best think about how I look in my shorts before I go to crazy on the recipe snatching!!!

    BIG HUGS AND MANY THANKS for a great party! Anita

  2. Our beautiful, wondrous friend and party hostess is here!
    Dearest Nathalie...I am very grateful for your friendship, and as you say, this modern day ability to create meaningful is such a blessing.
    That party was so much fun...
    I love this cookie idea...dangerous indeed!
    And your magnolia looks heavenly...I can only imagine the fragrance.
    We visited our zoo today, which is heavily planted with linden trees..the aroma was amazing!!
    I wish you a glorious weekend, my friend..
    - Irina

  3. what you too? ;)
    i love every inch of this gorgeous post and am so glad to have met you through our lovely mutual friend.
    the kitties are adorable ♥

    have a beautiful weekend xx


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