Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Do You Dust?

It's almost summer, and I am busy doing spring whole life seems to be a bit behind lately...
I am a bit of a dust freak, and living in a desert doesn't help...
HOWEVER...I had forgotten about a miraculous possession, that we had repaired after 2 years of being on the fix-it list. We sent in our 8 year old Living Air Filter that had stopped working, and received basically a brand new one in return ( awesome customer service!)...Since having it back on, I remember the AMAZING work that it does...not only can I breathe deeply and clearly,
What it does is add weight to the dust particles so that they drop to the floor, and do not hang in the air or stick to surfaces....

I am in heaven! Vacuuming is simple, dusting my mini museum would take hours...

How do you dust?

Are you a modern micro-fiber duster?

Classic ...

Do you dress for the occasion?


And here it is, this small box that has brought such happiness and cleanliness to my house!
The Living Air Filter is available HERE

After all, a clean house is a happy house!

...We have dear friends coming to visit from Qatar, that I have added incentive to "spruce things up" for...

School is almost over, the work load is stacked HIGH, my youngest son made it to the Championship game in football, after that football and it's busy schedule will be OVER...

A busy busy bee I have been...

I am looking forward to taking some time off next weekend to relax and enjoy!
Do you have plans for Memorial Day weekend?


~ all images via pinterest and google ~


  1. teeheeee.... I DON'T DUST THESE DAYS!!!! Oh I am so behind on my housework! Too busy having fun in the garden and with my Etsy orders! AND I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOUR PARIS LINK entry! Have a great day my dear! Anita

  2. The photos are so pretty! I just use a dust rag to dust with, unfortunately. But maybe if I got a cute feather one I would be more motivated to do the dusting! LOL


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