Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vegas, Baby...

There's nothing like being a tourist in your own town...
I hope your long weekend was as much fun as mine! We had dear o-l-d (as in many shared memories) friends in town, all the way from Qatar (they had so many great stories, I would love to visit them there!)...  We played tourist and had a grand time, my big excitement was visiting the Neon Graveyard that I have wanted to go to for the 8 years I have been here. They will have the official museum open in the Fall if all goes well, and you will be able to just walk in...but for now, you do have to book tickets in advance if you are coming to town. You can do that HERE. I had so many favourite shots, it was hard to narrow it down...

Some of them are so big, that it was over $200,000 to move them...Crazy!
I was looking for the "Sin" sign to take a picture, but was told that they move the letters around periodically to make new words...and "Sin" is now gone...
The tour was great, and we learned alot about Vegas "History"...I would put it at the top of the list if you are coming to town.

The end of the weekend was poolside with my husband's famous ribs...5 racks were gone within an hour...delizioso!

I haven't relaxed in far too long, it was much needed...

How about you, how was your weekend? Are you ready for summer ?

Have a great (short) week!


Friday, May 25, 2012

The Long Weekend!

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It's Memorial Day weekend, have you got your bags packed for anywhere fabulous?
We have dear friends coming to visit, and are looking forward to a fun time...sometimes it takes visitors to be a tourist in your own city ~ we are going to the Neon Graveyard tomorrow, somewhere I have wanted to go for the 8 years I have lived here, but never made it....I look forward to taking some fabulous shots! Of course "The Strip" will be a part of the weekend, which always feels like going out of town to me, as I never go there ~

I wish you all a wonderfully fun weekend, no matter where you go!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Souvenir Spotting

I came across Michael Hughes series of souvenirs replacing landmarks on Lost at E Minor...
Oh the creative minds out there in the world!

Do you have any travel plans for the weekend?
Perhaps you could do your own souvenir shot!


all photos via lost at e minor

Sunday, May 20, 2012

How Do You Dust?

It's almost summer, and I am busy doing spring cleaning...my whole life seems to be a bit behind lately...
I am a bit of a dust freak, and living in a desert doesn't help...
HOWEVER...I had forgotten about a miraculous possession, that we had repaired after 2 years of being on the fix-it list. We sent in our 8 year old Living Air Filter that had stopped working, and received basically a brand new one in return ( awesome customer service!)...Since having it back on, I remember the AMAZING work that it does...not only can I breathe deeply and clearly,
What it does is add weight to the dust particles so that they drop to the floor, and do not hang in the air or stick to surfaces....

I am in heaven! Vacuuming is simple, dusting my mini museum would take hours...

How do you dust?

Are you a modern micro-fiber duster?

Classic ...

Do you dress for the occasion?


And here it is, this small box that has brought such happiness and cleanliness to my house!
The Living Air Filter is available HERE

After all, a clean house is a happy house!

...We have dear friends coming to visit from Qatar, that I have added incentive to "spruce things up" for...

School is almost over, the work load is stacked HIGH, my youngest son made it to the Championship game in football, after that football and it's busy schedule will be OVER...

A busy busy bee I have been...

I am looking forward to taking some time off next weekend to relax and enjoy!
Do you have plans for Memorial Day weekend?


~ all images via pinterest and google ~

Monday, May 14, 2012

Culture in Las Vegas ~ The Smith Center

photo via google

I hope everyone was spoiled over the weekend, whether or not you are a mother...
I was treated to an evening with my boys to visit "The Smith Center", Las Vegas' new
Performing Arts Center...
Ten years in the making, and 470 million dollars later, culture starved residents like myself have been lying in wait for its opening. With the 2,050 seat Reynolds Hall, 258 seat Cabaret Jazz Theater, and the 250 seat Troesh Studio Theater, it has immense capability to house the incredible play list coming to town, in addition to our own Ballet and Philharmonic.

photo via google

It is the first LEED certified performing arts venue of its size in the country...
We saw the Philharmonic performing Dvorak's "From the New World", Beethoven's " Consecration of the House Overture", and Respighi's "The Pines of Rome."
I was so impressed with everything...and to see that it was packed gives tribute to those of us that live in "Sin City" but do not partake in the city's allure. Apparently it has been sold out since the opening in March. I am returning in July to see K.D.Lang, and will really look forward to hearing her stunning voice with the incredible acoustics there.

My boys and I....we had a full day of football playoff games in 95 degree temps, they really rallied to have a "Mom" night out!

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Don't you just ADORE these graphics?! I found this on Pinterest...if you know who to credit, please let me know!
Speaking of Pinterest, my board theme this week is my favourite shade of blue...
that lovely robins egg Tiffany blue...
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Happy Monday!
Have a great week,


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

vogue 1959, via pinterest

Wishing all of the Mothers
a wonderful weekend ~
May you be treated royally!

And to my Mom...
I love you!!!!


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Art to Eat by Kristen Cummings

I never cease to be amazed at the creativity of artists...
These pieces replicating famous works of art by Kristen Cummings
 are made entirely of...jelly beans!
Crazy, right?!

You can see more of her work HERE...

I hope your week is cruising into a sweet finish!


via lost at e minor

Monday, May 7, 2012

Are You a "Fab" Fan?

rococco -  la by artist zlatka paneva

How did Monday arrive so quickly? I want time to slow down, and yet I am EAGERLY anticipating the END of the school year...summer vacation is the light at the end of a long tunnel.
Somewhere in my internet wanderings I came across FAB.COM...
And it is FAB...
It takes a few seconds to sign up for the free membership...similar to Gilt Group, they have daily sales of high end products that are catching my eye (and wallet) ...
Here are a few that caught my eye today...
Thought I would share!

rococco - la by artist zlatka paneva

maple bats by warstic bats

ash bats by warstic bats

storey  publishing

storey publishing

parafernalia italian writing tools

kahili creations hawaiian jewelry

kahili creations hawaiian jewelry

imperial cats

imperial cats

All are on sale this week at Fab.com...and the savings are nice!

May you get ONLY the BEST in life this week!

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