Monday, April 9, 2012

Perpetual Spring

Gardens By The Bay in Singapore opens June 29, 2012...
It uses the most advanced technology to promise Eternal Spring in an urban 101 hectare setting...

In the midst of the city you will find a tropical rainforest with solar powered vertical garden Supertrees,
and a 35 meter high manmade mountain with waterfall....


It kind of makes me wonder, if this will be what my children's children will think of as nature ~
Read more on it HERE

We are enjoying our "seasonal" Spring here in Las Vegas...our Pool Season started up yesterday, and it sure was nice!
I hope you all had a wonderful Easter ~ I was laid out with a flu bug for several days, which hindered many of my plans. I am thinking some more sunshine and water is going to bring on good health!

A votre sante,

Gardens by the Bay via Lost at E Minor


  1. happy Easter my friend... being able to be in the pool ... amazing way to celebrate Easter!! In warm weather ...

    Wow ... as I read your post and saw the photos, that's what crossed my mind ... is this a glimpse into how nature will be in the future (man made)?

    Blessings, HHL

  2. Sorry to hear you weren't feeling well! Hope all is getting better and you still had a wonderful Easter! Glad to be back out in Blogland a little bit this week. Have a fabulous week!

  3. NATALIE!!!!!!

    OH DEAR, that pool water looks so perfect, my COLOR OF CHOICE! HOW ARE YOU? Dearest, thank you for coming to visit me. School will end on June 8 and then I AM FREE!!!!!!!! WHEW.....Now it will be a challenge to keep my mind on school and finish the year with grace! I am so filled with energy to create but can only do it now on the weekends. AND my latest creation in my shop, a paper shoe, sits beautifully on the pillow you sent me. PERFECT MATCH! Go see it if you have a moment.


  4. Right here with my treasured, beautiful friend Anita...
    Chere Nathalie! Sending healing thoughts your way, dear friend!!
    Lots of rest and sunshine for that Vitamin D...
    The pool looks so relaxing...
    I want to have hope in humankind and say that we will preserve what we have left of this precious planet...
    Take care, sweet friend!
    Love and light,
    - Irina


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