Friday, April 13, 2012

Float Off Into Heaven This Weekend

Wouldn't this be a dream, your own island to sail the seas on?

UK-Based Yacht Island Designs has created this ultimate luxury yacht for those who want
the ultimate escape ~

I could definitely do some serious R&R on board here!

What do you think? Could you use an over the top vacation like this right about now?!
I have still been sick, even over my birthday this week, and am TIRED of it! Luckily the kids haven't gotten this rotten bug, but my husband  has had it too...I think this island cruise-away would be just what the doctor ordered ~

Have a lovely and healthy weekend,


via lost at e minor


  1. I can't stop saying WOW! looks so glorious.

    Happy weekend. :)

  2. Happy Birthday my friend!!! I hope you feel better soon ... and fingers crossed the boys escape it.

    Oh I think you should be invited to "test out" this marvelous yacht/Island in one ... to truly give a full review. and I would certainly be happy to accompany you to take notes happy week-end..xo

  3. Having suffered the BUG for a week or so and it's exhausting after effects for two weeks, you have my deepest sympathy! It is my opinion that anyone who survived the BUG should be gifted a 7 day all expenses paid vacation on this little boat. Do you think the owners would pony up?

  4. Oh Natalie I'm so sorry to hear that you have been sick...I hope you feel a bit better now...these images look amazing, I could definitely use a holiday like this at the's been ages since my last one...! And to make things worse it's been pouring with rain all day...shocking!
    Get better soon xx


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