Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Merci and Joy

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Merci beaucoup for the thoughts and well wishes on my Grandmother's surgery...all went well, but at 90, we are not out of the woods yet...How I wish I were there to hold her hand and give her a kiss ....

On a BRIGHT note, Steve McCurry has the most incredible blog post,
"No Greater Joy"

What an inspiration he is!

I will take Joy any day, how about you?!


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  1. Oh, sweet Nathalie, I am sorry to have missed your post about Grandmother's surgery! She is so beautiful..
    I am so glad the surgery went well, and I'm sending healing thoughts now for a smooth recovery. Does she live very far from you? It is difficult to be away from dear ones, especially in these situations.
    Love and warm hugs,
    - Irina


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