Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"A common spiritual metaphor describes each individual as a drop of water within the Ocean of God. In deep bliss, however, this becomes a perceptual reality. The mystical state reveals a shining golden-whiteness, radiating from a central point. It seems to flow outward, like water. There is an almost physical sensation of floating; you are immersed in that living Ocean. This Ocean is warm, embracing, vitalizing, made of pure love. You immediately recognize these boundless waters as your true home.
Sometimes the awareness of this water rushes upon you intensely, rising up, like a fountain. Sometimes it pours gently over you like a warm summer rain. Sometimes, though this water ceaselessly flows, it is also as still as a mountain lake. And sometimes it glistens and then seemingly vanishes like morning dew before the sun.
You witness this water flowing everywhere, permeating everything in the universe, including yourself. It is the flow of this water that animates us and gives us life. What we think of as the individual self moves and acts only because it is moved and acted upon by this divine stream.
The riverways flow, causing creation to dance while slowly drawing all awareness back to the Golden Ocean."

via poetry chaikhana

Maybe it is the sun...

that is sparkling

on the beautiful blue water

of my swimming pool

enticing me with it's promise

that it will be warm soon...

And that I will be enjoying

and relaxing

and weightless in it...

So very soon ~
And I cannot wait!

I love the water, and the peace it brings.

How about you, are you ready for the beach, or the pool...or maybe the spa?

Happy midweek,

all images via pinterest and the fancy


  1. How beautiful Nathalie...all your images are magical and dreamy...I am so ready for a holiday, hopefully soon, once we the house is sold and we have settled somewhere sounds like a longtime doesn't it?When the time comes though any of the above places would be just perfect for me...
    PS love your dream eye pillow, it's gorgeous, the colour is lovely :)
    Have a fantastic day xx

  2. These photographs are dream scenes. Very beautiful.

  3. Nathalie - Thanks for the follow on tumblr. I'm sorry I missed your post announcing that you were there. I haven't been around too much here on blogger either...but so happy to find you on tumblr. Still trying to figure it out. Last year I did it for a few months but never got the hang of it.
    Hope your Grandmother is feeling better, getting stronger.
    Not sure how you keep up this pace. You are amazing!
    Happy Spring, Nathalie.
    Catherine xo

  4. Nathalie ... I'm ready for it all!!Beach! Pool! Spa! ... gorgeous post and poetry... I can confirm shining golden-whiteness is truly correct... and oh so true of knowing you are home!! ~ I try hard to keep that feeling in my memory sensory ... though as the years pass post accident and I allow the everyday - human goings on here on earth... I have to concentrate harder to reach back.

    I'm hoping that as you receive this email .. That you are getting goods news about your Grandmother and that she is able to speak with you on the phone. Hearing her voice will be certain to give you peace.

    Blessings my friend! Celia

  5. Chere Nathalie, this is such an exquisite post. Those words left me feeling so refreshed. And the images are wow :))
    Yes, I am so ready for warm fact we are having the warmest March on record. I like it..I don't know if this is a good thing, but I like it! Your pillow is so lovely. We had the pleasure of seeing one of your gorgeous creations at beautiful Anita's, and what a treat it was!
    Please do not feel obligated, but I have tagged you to play 11 questions chez moi:
    I'd love to learn more about you!
    Tonight we watched the new Muppet film on DVD. Have you seen it? We did see it in the theater, but it's one of those feel-good sillies I like to have at home :)
    Have a beautiful weekend, and prayers to your Grandma!
    - Irina


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