Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Marilyn has always intrigued me...
I recently came upon this shoot that I'd never seen before ~

Fabulous, aren't they!?

Are you a Marilyn fan too?

La vita e pazza would be my mantra lately...
But I see a light at the end of the tunnel!
Somehow I survived 3 quarters of homeschooling a 2nd and 5th grader...
We are in the last quarter, the boys are all set for their schools in the fall...
I feel 5 years older, but hopefully in time those years will revert back!

Next week is our Spring Break, and I look forward to spending time visiting the blogging homes of my favourite friends!

Until then,

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


"A common spiritual metaphor describes each individual as a drop of water within the Ocean of God. In deep bliss, however, this becomes a perceptual reality. The mystical state reveals a shining golden-whiteness, radiating from a central point. It seems to flow outward, like water. There is an almost physical sensation of floating; you are immersed in that living Ocean. This Ocean is warm, embracing, vitalizing, made of pure love. You immediately recognize these boundless waters as your true home.
Sometimes the awareness of this water rushes upon you intensely, rising up, like a fountain. Sometimes it pours gently over you like a warm summer rain. Sometimes, though this water ceaselessly flows, it is also as still as a mountain lake. And sometimes it glistens and then seemingly vanishes like morning dew before the sun.
You witness this water flowing everywhere, permeating everything in the universe, including yourself. It is the flow of this water that animates us and gives us life. What we think of as the individual self moves and acts only because it is moved and acted upon by this divine stream.
The riverways flow, causing creation to dance while slowly drawing all awareness back to the Golden Ocean."

via poetry chaikhana

Maybe it is the sun...

that is sparkling

on the beautiful blue water

of my swimming pool

enticing me with it's promise

that it will be warm soon...

And that I will be enjoying

and relaxing

and weightless in it...

So very soon ~
And I cannot wait!

I love the water, and the peace it brings.

How about you, are you ready for the beach, or the pool...or maybe the spa?

Happy midweek,

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Fabulous Kate by Tim Walker









"Checking Out"
Shot by Tim Walker
Styled by Grace Coddington with Julien d'Ys
Maquillage by Stephane Marais

Vogue, April 2012

Such an incredible shoot combining the talents of some of my favourite fashion inspirations.
 I just LOVE it!

The days seem to fly by at break neck speed...I long for the lingering days of summer and not so many tasks at hand. My days are filled with my sons, school, and football eldest just took his 3rd degree brown belt test in Dolce Dreams is busy busy, and my Grandmother fights to regain her strength in the hospital with my Mother at her side...and me on the phone.
I miss visiting and posting more, but as we all know the tides can ebb and flow with our posting, and I shall flow again ~ I miss you all! Quick fixes come about on Tumblr, Pinterest, The Fancy and Twitter...
If you are on any of those platforms, please follow me so that I may follow and visit you back!

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May your week be bright and full of inspirational beauty!


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Monday, March 12, 2012

Gaultier and Diet Coke

Two things....I wish I were in Europe (always!),
and I wish I had not given up Diet Coke (so terribly bad for you!)...

Jean Paul Gaultier has been named the Creative Director for Diet Coke in Europe, and will be overseeing the design, ads, and concepts. The best part is that the bottles will be in the shape of a woman's body, and will be dressed by Gaultier...

Something fun and different, n'est pas?

To read more, visit HERE

My Grandmother is still on the upswing, hooray!

Have a fabulous week,
xo, Nathalie

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Thursday, March 8, 2012


via designtaxi

I am as happy as a clam today, my Grandmother is doing better after her surgery, and I was able to speak on the telephone with her!
In celebration, I am sharing some of my happy finds today...Enjoy!

Food designer Emilie de Griottes designed these edible Pantone colour swatches for the French culinary magazine Fricote........Merveilleux! Read more HERE.

How adorable are these little mice from Denmark! They also make the sweetest bunnies...
Available HERE.

via lost at e minor

 These realistic goldfish paintings by artist Riusuke Fukahori are so beautiful...

See more of them HERE

I am off to buy some of this Paris paper tape for wrapping right now...Formidable!
Get it HERE.

Oh, to be in Beverly Hills today, to use the Sprinkles cupcake vending machine...
Read about it HERE

via pinterest

May your day be happy and full of colour!

Thank you again for keeping my dear Grandmother in your thoughts!


Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Merci and Joy

via pinterest

Merci beaucoup for the thoughts and well wishes on my Grandmother's surgery...all went well, but at 90, we are not out of the woods yet...How I wish I were there to hold her hand and give her a kiss ....

On a BRIGHT note, Steve McCurry has the most incredible blog post,
"No Greater Joy"

What an inspiration he is!

I will take Joy any day, how about you?!


Monday, March 5, 2012

Love and Light


My Grandmother, Eleanor, has been a source of love and light to me my whole life...
She has always been full of so much inspiration, and infinite unconditional love...
She is my best friend...the photo above of the two of us is when I won a trip to Italy, and chose her to accompany me...we had the best time ever!

Tomorrow she will be having some surgery done, and I am putting it out to the universe for all to go well for my angel of a Grandmother....

Aren't Grandmother's the best?


Friday, March 2, 2012

Primavera Pastels

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Spring is near...

photo by bunderful

I feel it in the air...
Pastels in mint and pink
are so fresh
and inspire me so!

learn how to make this sweet sweet elephant at gingermelon
everything in shelly's shop is adorable!
and her pins on pinterest are divine...

put some spring in your step...

I need a library full of aged pink books...

ballgown, 1950's

mercedes, paris, 1950's

simply divine...

pink ranunculus by little brown pen...her shop is full of inspiring spring pastels!

dior couture spring 1958

watermelon, salt and chili granita

for the boudoir...

knock, knock...


Are you ready for Primavera? We have hints of Spring in the day, but it is still cold cold cold at night...

I see tons of pastels out in the fashion/ decor world, but there are touches of neon too...
I lived the eighties quite thoroughly, and am not sure if I am ready for neon again  ~
I love the fifties and their use of colour...
How about you, what colours are you drawn to?

Have a delightful weekend,


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