Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Nina All The Way...

Nina Ricci Pre Fall 2012 via Vogue

It's very rare that I love an entire collection by anyone....
Take a peek at Nina Ricci's pre Fall 2012 collection  ~
I could dive into each and every look, right up my alley!

How I wish I had this to wear to a huge shinding I am going to Saturday night...I will have pictures next week! Let's just say that my rock idol Lenny Kravitz is part of the entertainment ~

Not always a fan of the nude tones, this to me is dreamy ~

Love love love love ~

Sexy and chic ~

Crazy for this....I had a skirt just like this that I loved, and can't find it anymore? Hate when that happens!

Sexy, sexy ~

Maybe it is just this models body that I am wanting?

ALL of it...dress, coat, BAG...Hello! What do you think, do you like the nude shoes with this, or would you go black?

This one I would not wear, but it is just so pretty ~


Well...after this want list, I had better get off my behind to do some "downward cat" and see if my body can be coerced back into this size with yoga...

Whose looks are you lusting after this season?

xo, Nathalie

all pictures via Vogue


  1. i totally agree. this collection is stunning. amazing post, love. if you get a sec I have a fabulous giveaway valued at $634.50 that I'd love for you to enter. xo

  2. Natalie!!!! OH I LOVE THIS DESIGNER and I don't any age, I will WEAR THIS LOOK! Going on 54 this year, I best continue my work outs and eating fresh fruits and vegetables if I want to look descent in these outfits!!!

    Oh dearest, you mention subscribing by email; you know, back at Christmas, my blog was somehow HACKED into. WHile troubleshooting, we found that a virus had been embedded into a widget on my blog and my husband advised me to keep things "simple." HA! But I took off the subscribe by email widget. THANK YOU FOR ASKING! I am going to see if I can put that back.....How is Etsy going for you?OH! If you get a chance to come back to my blog, look on my sidebar at the GLOBE DE MARIÉE......DO YOU SEE THE LITTLE PILLOW ON IT????? It is the perfect place for it!!!

    BISES, Anita


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