Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Muhammad Ali's 70th Birthday Celebration

photo via getty images

Saturday night I was fortunate to be a guest at The 16th Annual
"Keep Memory Alive"
 Power of Love Gala celebrating Muhammad Ali's 70th Birthday.
The Gala raises money and awareness for Alzheimer's, Huntington's,
ALS, Multiple Sclerosis, and Parkinson's disease
( which Ali has been fighting since 1984). It is always an over the top Event,
that raises HUGE monies to support the Frank Gehry designed
Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for Brain
Health here in Las Vegas.... this year was quite the show,
with the number of celebrities that attended to
 honour a man that is truly an icon.
The highlight  of the evening was when Stevie Wonder
 (who had flown in from Whitney Huston's Memorial the same day) 
 sang Happy Birthday to Ali !
( see the link below for video footage)...

With performances by Lenny Kravitz, Cee-Lo Green, Snoop Dogg, John Legend,
Kelly Rowland, LL Cool J...
Almost every major Boxer was in attendance, some that had fought Ali
in the past...
Food by Wolfgang Puck, Michael Mina, Scott Conant,
and Tom Colicchio...
Dom Perignon was abundantly poured...

And most importantly, HUGE amounts of money were raised for the cause...
( a pair of boxing gloves that Ali used when he defeated Floyd Patterson in 1965
went for 1.1 million...Wow!)


In listening to some of the heads of The Cleveland Clinic speak, the best news that I heard
 was that there are currently 100 new drugs being tested to fight Alzheimers...
The worst news that I heard was that approximately 80% of us will have Alzheimers in the
 future, if something is not found to combat this terrible disease. ( I could be off in those
 amounts due to the Dom bubbles, but they are pretty close)...

The event will be aired ABC Saturday, February 25, at 7 p.m. EST (4 p.m. PST).

Read more HERE...

Some souvenirs that I brought home...
( I was NOT one of the big bidders unfortunately!)
The prize belt on the plate is made entirely of chocolate, and was served to all
2,000 attendees with dessert...Crazy Mom that I am, I had to figure out a way to bring
them home for our boys...and they did not last long!

On that note....Have a HEALTHY and memorable week!
 I will be watching Saturday to see if I pop up anywhere in the crowd...

And to my fellow Downton Fans...wasn't Sunday marvelous! I am terribly upset that it
will be an entire year until we see Season 3 here in the States though... AND I am hoping
that Susannah Buxton wins tonight at the Costume Designers Guild Awards,
she most certainly deserves it!

xo, Nathalie


  1. You are one lucky gal! What an amazing night. We heard Bono was going to be there...was he?
    Love that chocolate Belt!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful celebration Nathalie, would be a memorable experience for anyone no doubt about it and for a great cause...I love that...Have a fantastic day! xo

  3. I cannot believe that when he was 20, I was 13!!!!!! Oh, what people are capable of doing and surviving is INSPIRING!!! HELLO NATALIE DEAREST! Thank you so much for visiting me yesterday. I am busy with school, but LOVING my Etsy shop ideas. Now, to have the time to get them all in!!!!!

    How are you beautiful one? LOVE MY LITTLE PILLOW sitting on my chair for my GLOBE DE MARIÉE!


  4. Nathalie how wonderful to be in such amazing company and for a cause that affects so many lives!!! Muhhammad Ali such an inspiration for many....great memories for you, would love a birthday song from Stevie myself!!!
    Carla x


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