Monday, February 6, 2012

Downton Abbey on Etsy

thistle cottage studio

Like many, I am a Downton fan...and eagerly wait for my Sunday highlight of the week! Downton is popping up everywhere...I thought I would share a few finds from Etsy with that "Downton Abbey" look to them...I would hope that designers are taking note, and that we will be able to find some "knockoffs" reminiscent of the stunning attire the Downton girls are wearing very soon ~ If not, vintage is always fun!

foxy and winston

sarina poppy

book pilgrim

yellowfield 7

cult of vintage


malibu jewel

the cheshire cat craft

thistle cottage studio

lyonesse 4 gems

vintage wise

becca caram

the millinery shop

Are you a Downton fan? Who is your favourite character?
I must say there is no end to the twists in the plot...

Sunday cannot come fast enough after last night's events!

Have a wonderful week!
xo, Nathalie

( I was particularly happy for a diversion after putting two Patriots fans to bed that were in tears)


  1. Oh me too!! Sometimes I watch the encore!! Does ANYONE know who did the costumes, and the hats? Those darned credits roll by SO fast I can't see anything. Thank you so much for including my Edwardian Yorkshire Cloche, and my Italian Paisley Ultra-suede Evening Bag in this beautiful post!!! I just found and bought a button pin on Etsy that says:
    I fear he has done a terrible thing, and offed his witch of a wife!!
    And Mary is up to her pretty neck in extortion and exploitation!!! Oh, if only Matthew could get up and walk again and save the day!!!

  2. OK .. after your post and Thistle's comment above I'm going to be looking for this show this Sunday (I hope it airs here in Canada)... the fashion you shared is great!!

    :( ... Hope your little guys are going to be ok... Football Teams are serious business at that age ... Next Year!! xo HHL

  3. It's true, I am addicted now too. I lived in England for a while and this satisfies the anglophile in me big time. The hats are the icing on the cake. Thanks for including my cloche hat!

  4. I've read that Downton has influenced London fashion week to an extent that there's a name for it: "The Downton Effect". Apparently the market for long gloves has increased by over 500%!

  5. Sorry about about the game disappointment, dear Nathalie!
    As for Downton style, these are beauties you feature..
    I also love you get their catalogs? Some exquisite pieces there!
    I do hope the handsome Bates is innocent! :)
    - Irina

  6. SWEET NATALIE!!!!!!

    Dearest, what a wild school week it has been and I am here late in visiting, but what a gorgeous array of items here! I do have two pairs of shoes very similar to these vintage cuties! AND THOSE HATS...I would wear them! I think of you always as I see my little pillow and I just found a new place for it on Saturday as Irina was at my home! We were "playing" around and THERE WAS the little pillow. I placed it on one of those vintage French marriage chairs and it is the perfect fit!

    BE WELL SWEET ONE and I cannot wait for summer vacation!!!!!!! Anita

  7. Bonjour Nathalie ~
    absolutely lovely items you're sharing! Why do we no longer take pride in the way we dress? Thank you for your sweet comment.. how I love Pinterest! You have a eye for beauty as well.
    Wishing you a most lovely weekend! Hoping that your little Patriot fans are feeling better.
    xoxo, B


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