Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Love 2012

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Valentines' is around the corner! It is one of my favourite holidays, and I love seeing all of the beautiful creations that pop up are a few that have caught my eye ~
dark chocolate peanut butter cups by hits the spot

art nouveau silver heart at sunday and sunday

card by gabrielle australia

paris graffiti heart by little brown pen

you strike my fancy by annechovie

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antique locket with embroidered heart by stella saves the day

linen i love you ribbon by the lonely heart

love poems bookmobile by the shop house

apron by snappyshop

key to my heart candy necklace by andies specialty sweets

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cupid oO bowls by atelier OKER

love gold ring by strim

necklace by precious pastimes

lingerie by toad lillie

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How about you, are you a fan of Valentines? Or do you find it overrated? This February fifteen years ago I met my husband...and can't believe where the time has gone! I used to host a Valentines party for my girlfriends and all of the children, we would decorate sugar heart cookies and the kids would make shrinky dink heart necklaces for their mothers...I have the most wonderful memories of those parties. Now with some out of town, and the kids getting older ( my boys are not terribly thrilled with romance and love...may it stay that way a bit longer!), it has been several years since the last one. Going out on Valentines Day to me is WAY overrated...packed restaurants with prices inflated...a special dinner at home is just the thing for me. Boring? Perhaps...but with age comes comfort!

Do any of these find your fancy?

Have a week filled with amour,


  1. I love all of your picks, Nathalie! Thank you SO much for including my matches. xo

  2. Dear Nathalie,
    They are ALL charming. Hearts are one of my favourite motifs although I'm not particularly a big fan of Valentine's Day since it has become so commercial. Telling someone you love them should happen more often than once a year.

  3. I love the fingers kissing! That is so sweet as are all your other picks! Thanks so much for including me! xo

  4. Bonjour Chere Nathalie!
    Love all of your images, and the myriad of wonderful creations. I actually adore Valentine's Day..not so much the commercial aspect, but I have sweet childhood memories.
    Indeed, may we declare our love for each other each and every day in acts of gentleness and kindness.
    Thanks so much for reminding me of those videos..I added one of Ilona Smithkin to my Gypsy post. Isn't she something?
    BTW, did you read that Shirley Maclaine is coming on to DA? Should be interesting!
    A lovely week to you, dear friend..
    - Irina

  5. they are all delightful Nathalie, you have a fantastic eye for beauty my dear! xo

  6. I like Valentine's for the chance to be mushy, gushy and little treats with cheesy little sayings attached along with a lingering kiss of thanks ;)

    Great finds!

  7. I do love Valentine's day for the childhood memories it brings back... but even as a dating gal - I was happier to spend the day with my girlfriends .. than go on a date ... to me Valentine's day should be all year round ... not just on a specific "commercialized" driven day.

    Mr.G. has been asked to please not waste money on over priced roses/flowers on that day ~ just because the rest of the world seems inclined to reach deep in their pockets. A card is just fine with me! I will still have it years from now.

    We will make a special breakfast - or dinner. Sometimes we go out with another couple and enjoy a dinner (that we would have gone out for anyways). Love your ideas... xo HHL (C)

  8. LOVE those kittens! And all your finds. For the last several years, we have enjoyed making each other dinner at home on Valentine's Day. The past two, I've made him dinners he doesn't get very often, like fried chicken! So he greatly looks forward to it. This year, his 28-yr old son suggested we make it a couples night and the 4 of us make dinner together. Now THAT is sweet!
    Wishing you a lovely one together!
    xoxo~ Kirsten


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