Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Downton Abbey

photos by James Merrell, Town and Country magazine

I only recently came acquainted with Downton Abbey, the Masterpiece Theater series on PBS. Season 2 started last Sunday, which I have tivo'd....and thanks to Netflix, have spent this week watching Season 1 ~

I am not really a follower of television shows, and would prefer to sit with a book, magazine, or sit at my computer Pinning or Blogging....But this show! It is fantastic, from the SET (Hello!), to the COSTUMES ( Superb!) to the WRITING  (Brilliant!), to the ACTING (Amazing!) ~

The article in Town and Country's February issue shares such interesting information on the actual setting, "Highclere Castle" ...I am in love with this folly on the grounds...

I can only imagine the discomfort that came with a corset...but oh my, how absolutely divine one's  figure would be...especially in the attire of the day. Worth the pain?

Lady Carnavon, the owner and  keeper of Highclere Castle and it's 200 rooms, has just come out with a book about the castle and it's history, that I can't wait to read.

If you don't have Netflix, you can also watch the shows online at  PBS...

Happy Wednesday,


  1. Nathalie! This is brilliant ... I'm going to see if I can find the first season on DVD/Bluray.... Period movies are my favourite. I love everything about it, from the elaborate homes to the clothing (yes painful... but oh la la) to the ladies were ladies, and manners was not optional. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous images.. xo HHL

  2. Yes, dear Nathalie..I have just started watching!
    I first heard of it from the wonderful Dianne at Yonks..I did not realize it was on PBS!
    It IS wonderful..enjoy!
    Wishing you a splendid weekend, dear friend,
    - Irina

  3. Hi Nathalie,
    I just heard about Downton Abbey before Christmas as my mom requested the dvd for her birthday. We watched the entire Season 1 after Christmas on our lazy pajama days and then started Season 2 yesterday. Can't wait until Sunday for the next episode. I'm totally addicted.

  4. Have not tried this yet but need to. Thanks for the reminder. Will queue it up on Netflix. Hope you've had a fabulous week!
    xoxo~ Kirsten


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