Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentines Love 2012

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Valentines' is around the corner! It is one of my favourite holidays, and I love seeing all of the beautiful creations that pop up are a few that have caught my eye ~
dark chocolate peanut butter cups by hits the spot

art nouveau silver heart at sunday and sunday

card by gabrielle australia

paris graffiti heart by little brown pen

you strike my fancy by annechovie

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antique locket with embroidered heart by stella saves the day

linen i love you ribbon by the lonely heart

love poems bookmobile by the shop house

apron by snappyshop

key to my heart candy necklace by andies specialty sweets

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cupid oO bowls by atelier OKER

love gold ring by strim

necklace by precious pastimes

lingerie by toad lillie

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How about you, are you a fan of Valentines? Or do you find it overrated? This February fifteen years ago I met my husband...and can't believe where the time has gone! I used to host a Valentines party for my girlfriends and all of the children, we would decorate sugar heart cookies and the kids would make shrinky dink heart necklaces for their mothers...I have the most wonderful memories of those parties. Now with some out of town, and the kids getting older ( my boys are not terribly thrilled with romance and love...may it stay that way a bit longer!), it has been several years since the last one. Going out on Valentines Day to me is WAY overrated...packed restaurants with prices inflated...a special dinner at home is just the thing for me. Boring? Perhaps...but with age comes comfort!

Do any of these find your fancy?

Have a week filled with amour,

Thursday, January 26, 2012

What do Barbie and the Mona Lisa Have in Common?

French artist Jocelyn Grivauld has taken her fascination with Barbie and incorporated her into many famous artworks ~
She cites the series as her “personal contribution as a birthday present to [her] mascot, Barbie, superimposed on the vision of artists whose work [she] greatly appreciates”.

To read more, visit here

Did you have a Barbie growing up? I loved mine...but I think I loved the clothes more!

xo, Nathalie

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Year of the Water Dragon

Gung hay fat choy!
Chinese New Year is always a favourite celebration for me...growing up in San Francisco with the Chinatown celebrations, and then my years at Wolfgang Puck's Chinois on Main, with our over the top grand celebrations there...
Yesterday was the official New Year, and Las Vegas does it up big ( many Asians come here to celebrate). I took the boys and we met friends at The Venetion/Palazzo, where these pictures were taken... the colours, the drums, the action and beauty of the dance were enjoyed by all....
This year is a special year...the dragon is a very powerful sign in the zodiac, but even more powerful this year as it is the year of the water dragon ( we won't see another for 60 years).

"Hail mighty Dragon! Your arrival is most welcome. People and businesses around the world have had difficult times over the last few years, so the good luck you bring is timely and needed. "
"Indeed, of the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac the Dragon is the most special, as it is a mystical being rather than an earthly animal. It is sometimes called a karmic sign. In this context that means we can expect grand things this year. Bigger than life is very much a Dragon thing. "
"A word about timing. The Dragon is associated with Spring. This means you need to get off to a fast start in 2012 as things are going to happen early in the year. Hopefully you used some of the quiet time last year to plan. When the train leaves the station, you want to be on it! Good luck and opportunities to make money could come very soon after lunar New Year or Tet."

There is an even greater reason to rejoice. Ever since 1996 the year element has been in a destructive relationship with the fixed element of the animal sign. That is the longest unfavorable period in the 60 year cycle of Chinese Astrology, and that means a scarcity of good luck. The year 2012 is thus blessed not only by the lucky Dragon but also the end of that destructive cycle.
Furthermore, under the influence of the Dragon it is a yang year. Yang Water is like a flowing river rather than a stagnant lake. Things will move, ideas flow, creativity abound, economies boom, and love blossom in this environment. It is likely to be an exciting year indeed."

via the read more visit HERE

I don't know about you, but I am ready for some dragon fire this year!

They did a beautiful job, didn't they?

One of my books that I would grab if I had to leave in a hurry would be
Suzanne White's "The New Astrology"...
She synthesizes the chinese and western astrological systems, and it is so amazing...I find it quite dead on. I am an aries snake...Do you know your chinese sign?

Wishing you a wondrously exciting year ahead,


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Flowers on Fire ~ Robert Buelteman

Papaver Nudicaule

The electric current running through these floral portraits by Robert Buelteman is alive...
they are not photographs, but created by electrical pulses and painting by hand.
I am in love with them ~

Chrysanthemum Coronarium

Populus Tremuloides

Cyclamen Persicum

To read more about this San Francisco Bay artist, visit his website here ~
I hope you've had an electric week, and are preparing for a relaxing weekend ahead...
xo, Nathalie
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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Red Lip

Last night's Golden Globes were very enjoyable, like everyone I love seeing the glam, and the more the merrier in my books. I cannot wait to see The Artiste...has anyone seen it? Also W.E. ~
The one thing that stood out to me were the number of RED, really RED, lips, ala 1950...Vibrant!
Back in my makeup artist days, there were two reds that I used for that look...

MAC Russian Red...after blotting, it will still be on your lips in the morning, it is that long lasting. A bit dry, but mattte mattte matte and there to stay ~

For a creamier version, Chanel has several options, Dragon Rouge Allure being one...
be sure to air kiss with this one though!

photo : getty images

Angelina had it down perfectly... (if she would only lose the tattoo)....

logo by google

Today we celebrate the life of a man with an incredible dream ~

Have a fabulous week,

Friday, January 13, 2012

It's The Weekend ~ Enjoy!

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The weekend is here! We have a three day weekend, in honour of Martin Luther King Jr. Day ~ the weather has been unseasonably warm, so I am looking forward to enjoying some time outside.
I would love to be at the beach listening to the waves...
How is your weather? Any great plans for the weekend?

Relax and Enjoy,

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Downton Abbey

photos by James Merrell, Town and Country magazine

I only recently came acquainted with Downton Abbey, the Masterpiece Theater series on PBS. Season 2 started last Sunday, which I have tivo'd....and thanks to Netflix, have spent this week watching Season 1 ~

I am not really a follower of television shows, and would prefer to sit with a book, magazine, or sit at my computer Pinning or Blogging....But this show! It is fantastic, from the SET (Hello!), to the COSTUMES ( Superb!) to the WRITING  (Brilliant!), to the ACTING (Amazing!) ~

The article in Town and Country's February issue shares such interesting information on the actual setting, "Highclere Castle" ...I am in love with this folly on the grounds...

I can only imagine the discomfort that came with a corset...but oh my, how absolutely divine one's  figure would be...especially in the attire of the day. Worth the pain?

Lady Carnavon, the owner and  keeper of Highclere Castle and it's 200 rooms, has just come out with a book about the castle and it's history, that I can't wait to read.

If you don't have Netflix, you can also watch the shows online at  PBS...

Happy Wednesday,