Monday, December 26, 2011

A White Christmas

We went up to the mountains Christmas Eve for some sledding and fun ( yes, we have snow in Las Vegas ~ at Mt. Charleston!). It was just gorgeous...I was so surprised that many places that typically have snow did not this year! I spent  a good portion of my youth in Hawaii, and Christmas never ever felt like Christmas in a bikini on the beach, the large Santa at Ala Moana shopping center the only indication that the holidays were happening. I hope that you had a wonderful day, and are out doing some "Boxing" today! I may venture out shortly, but then again I may just stay home by the fire with leftovers and relax...
Do you have snow where you are? Any fabulous plans for New Years' Eve?

xo, Nathalie


  1. IT'S BEAUTIFUL! I've always wanted to have a white Christmas. The sun was out here in California and it was a bit hot.


  2. A white Christmas - so lovely! I've never experienced a White Christmas before, it does not snow in my part of California :) No real plans for NYE, just a few friends and a lovely dinner.
    Hope you have a lovely New Year's

  3. Merry Christmas! sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate with family. We had a green Christmas here.:( xo HHL


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