Sunday, December 4, 2011

Ice and Lights...The Harbin International Festival

The Harbin International Ice and Snow Festival, in China looks like quite the show ~
Since1985 the Northeastern city of Harbin has put on the festival, which is one of the 4 major ice and snow festivals in the world ( along with Japan's Sapporo Snow festival, Canada's Quebec City Winter Carnival, and Norway's Ski Festival).

The Festival starts January 5, 2012, and ends February 5 ~

I almost felt frozen solid last night at my younger son's playoff  game ~ Sitting for 3 hours in 40 degree temps with a hard cold wind blowing gets one a bit chilly! It was all worthwhile, they won by 1 point in the last seconds, and are off to the Championship Game next weekend... but I am going to have to invest in a portable heater for practice this week and the game...brrr!

We have been looking forward to decorating our tree, but as we started putting it up, we are realizing that our now 4 month old kitten Maxwell is going to present quite the problem... and the squirt bottle does not keep him away at all! I have beautiful annual Baccarat and Swarovski ornaments that I fear I will have to display addition to the crystal icicles, and Radko fact, our tree is going to be pretty bare! This little Prince thinks he can climb up into the tree and hang out ...and that is before there are any enticing balls to swat ~ Does anyone have any advice!?

I hope your days are jolly and full of cheer ~
xo, Nathalie

Harbin International Festival via google


  1. Sorry, dear Nathalie..can't offer any advice here:)) We had to pull our tree up many a time from the floor!! hee..It was quite a sight!! We just made sure there were no breakables on it. It's hard with kitties, I know. All I will say is Bonne Chance:))
    These are amazing sculptures. Here in Minnesota, we have an annual winter festival. A stunning, gigantic ice castle is built each year. Just amazing.
    And your little football player is adorable! Congratulations on the win!! Stay warm...bring hot chocolate in a thermos, perhaps?? Best of luck in the Championship!

    A lovely week to you,
    - Irina

  2. Nathalie, you are my Christmas decoration winner today ... please email me your postal details... ... xv

  3. Oh how I love how people NEVER STOP CREATING, no matter the CONDITIONS!!! Here in St. Paul, Minnesota, our ice shows are of exceptional brilliance and no matter HOW cold it is, people are still out enjoying the magic. Natalie dearest, THANK YOU FOR VISITING! Here is wishing you a magnificent week!!! Anita

  4. Wow, what colors and creativity! You always have such interesting info to impart. And my advice on the tree: Don't hang any tinsel. Kitten will eat it and then it will trail behind with their own little ornament attached (from personal kitten experience). Sorry, maybe too graphic for Monday morning. A good week to you!


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