Thursday, November 17, 2011

European Etsy Favourites

karin van rijn at ooakjewelz

I thought I would share a few artists that have caught my eye recently on just happens they have Europe in common ~ 
These one of a kind handpainted jeweled necklaces and bracelets by Karin van Rijn at OOAK Jewelz in The Hague, Netherlands, are so unique and a definite conversation piece!

One of her pieces would make an outfit...

Brigita Re at Brigite

Hand felted wool is so beautiful, and seems to be very popular in Europe. These flower brooches by
Brigita Re at Brigite, in Lithuania, are so stunning ...

And again would completely make an outfit...or a hairstyle...


I just ordered this faux fur collar in pale pink from Imali, in Latvia...and I love it!

Such a fun piece to change up an outfit, and the workmanship is lovely!

Della Lana

This colour popped out at me immediately after seeing it all over the runways...
Della Lana, in Amsterdam, has made this from felted wool...

And this is silk with felted would be dreamy on I think!

deborah turbeville

One of my favourite fashion photographers, Deborah Turbeville, just came out with a new book,
"The Fashion Pictures"...if you too are a fan, you can get it here...

I know my last post was all about supporting locally, but I think buying HANDMADE, really is supporting opposed to supporting mass marketed products. I saw the coolest boots the other day, tried them on...they were a perfect price....
And then I looked at the tag, saw "Made in China"...
and just put them back. If we all put one item back a day from our carts, could you imagine the impact?

I MISS all of my friends out there! I have not been out visiting, I am so has been a crazy few weeks, no need to go into detail as I am sure we are all in the same boat ~ and I am also fighting some carpal tunnel issues.I am now on the computer much of the day with my son's schooling, so adding that into the otherwise heavy computer schedule is taking it's toll. I will be out catching up very soon!!!!

Have a wonderful day,

xo, Nathalie


  1. Hello Nathalie - You found amazing pieces and yes, buying homemade is so important to so many. Just think of all the moms (or dads) that because of their craft, they are able to stay home with their children. We all know the value of being there for your kids more than before 8am and after 6pm; I was a working mom! I very much get the carpel tunnel issues with being online too much. You take much care and never feel guilty for not catching up. You're right, we've all been there & it's a balancing act @ Ringling Bros. Circus!! All my best to you xx Deb

  2. I know you've been busy between all the different sites. It's funny but I don't feel as if you've been away because I keep seeing your different little posts or tweets. You seem like a busy bee flitting away behind the scenes. I think - Look, there goes Nathalie again! I understand about the carpel tunnel...for me it's my back, and I have to disappear sometimes. Take care, N.

  3. I love jewelery and these pieces are fabulous! You always have such a great eye.
    I am also a HUGE fan of Deborah Turbeville and will check that out now!

  4. I LOVE the purple felted flower and faux fur collar. Can't wait to see a photo of your pink one. SO sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel issues. Being a massage therapist, I'm obligated to remind you to stretch your forearms before sitting down to the computer. I can't do the work I do without stretching! Hope it feels better soon. Thanks for sharing (and love)your European Etsy finds! Bon weekend!

  5. Dear Nathalie, these are stunning!

    It is so important to support artists, artisans, etc..
    Merci merci!!
    Take care of your carpal tunnel, I can so empathize.

    Light and blessings,
    - Irina

  6. I love your selections Nathalie... I am off for a good browse... Thank you for the inspiration... Happy weekend... xv


    Oh dearest, I SO KNOW how it feels to be away from dear blogging friends! I was just away for ONE DAY, and I have missed you all! But what a gallery of LOVELY THINGS you have brought to our attention, and being a new ETSIAN myself, I am seeing how beautiful and diverse this Etsyland is.....each item here is just stunning and YOUR work, now that I have a piece is just brimming with handmade love and skill. I thank you again, and I TOO will be posting rather late today, but will provide links to YOU and other dear Etsy friends who have welcomed me in so graciously.

    Have a wonderful weekend! BISOUS! Anita

  8. The pieces that you show are just beyond! So unique, you are right, the would just make any outfit.

  9. These are gorgeous Nathalie, thanks for sharing :)
    Hope you have a great week xo

  10. Absolutely love these picks - great inspirations here.
    Have a great day sweets,


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