Monday, November 7, 2011

Do You Bake?

I love to bake, and when I see AMAZING work like these cupcakes above, I get so inspired! I found these on Pinterest, and wish I knew who the creative talent was behind them ~ if anyone knows, please share! But, really, these are just too pretty to eat, don't you think?
King Arthur Flour is one of my all time favourite catalogues ever....I slowly devour each page inch by inch, and if I did not have any discipline would order each and every item. If you enjoy baking, this is a dream...

I have always loved making Christmas cookies, and making up samplers for friends. There are so many great ideas here, mixes, decorations, gadjets to make the work easier and more fun... 

The best, highest qualities of ingredients can be found all in one spot. Their flours are the BEST...

And if you are looking for a unique gift, they have great baskets...
 I LOVE to bake...
but as the years have progressed,
and the scales have accelerated...
this mantra below keeps much of my baking at bay ~

How about you? Do you enjoy baking?
Do you enjoy eating more sweets and goodies during the holiday season?
What is your weakness, sweet or savory?
I can go either way!

Have a sweet week,
xo, Nathalie

images via pinterest and king arthur flour


  1. OMYGOSH!!! Those cupcakes are tres cute!! I will have to check out King Arthur Flour, it looks amazing. I'm just starting to get back to hosting in 5 years .. and baking was a de-stresser for me, with a little help in the kitchen, I'm looking forward to giving it a try again!! .. Happy Monday..xo HHL

  2. those cupcakes are divine...wish I could give it a go but I know that I have absolutely no hope of doing well with the icing part of it ...xo

  3. I love to bake because I think there is nothing better than something homemade.... I find baking relaxing and comforting too!
    One of my favourite xmas treats is shortbread but funnily enough I don't like to bake it myself. My xmas cookie gift is a chocolate chip biscotti which everyone seems to love and also keeps well.

  4. NATALIE!!!!!

    Oh, don't you just LOVE Pinterest? I find the most beautiful AQUA photos there! Oh, I love to bake and cook, but over the last several years of teaching, I am too tired to do so! But yes, this household is known for good aromas to waft out into the air!!! I so look forward to seeing the pillow arrive, and I thank you AGAIN for your purchase my dear! Anita

  5. hmmmmm those are truly breathtaking and look delicious!!!
    thanks and happy evening,


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