Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some beautiful Fall inspirations that I found on Pinterest today...

Years ago I saw this banner above, and copied it...I bring it out every year for Thanksgiving, and just love it I got a chuckle to see that someone else on Pinterest did the same...
What a small world it is!
We are all connected, in so many ways.

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Happy Hump Day,

images via pinterest


  1. What lovely images, i have just joined Pinterest and having so much fun! And I love that note in the post before (well, I am Italian after all :-). Lovely blog, I will follow you happily, come and see me if you like, I am on


  2. Wonderful fall images! ...and that is such a cute banner, I might just have to make one, too...haha!

    Btw, I always love to see what you find on Etsy, too :)

  3. So true! About gratitude. We are all so full of enough and bounty. I weep! (Is it the hormones still?)

  4. OK, dramatic. Just a little choked up is all.


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