Friday, October 21, 2011

Breakfast of Champions

gucci loops

Are you looking for a fabulous new way to start the day?...

chanel cheerios

Do you want to channel your inner child, in a fashionably fun way...

louis vuitton charms

Chilhood favs gone chic...

cartier crunch

What would you do if you came across these in the shopping aisle? We now have designers everywhere from Target, Sears, J.C Penney...
Are grocery aisles the next stop?

burberry flakes

I even saw that Banana Republic is designing some wine labels for Clos du Bois Winery...
I prefer the artist labels from Mouton Rothschild myself...
or the Andy Warhol labels for Dom Perignon....

Food (or drink) for thought...

sweet angel courtland from green-eyed monster

Now this picture MADE my week! Yes, that is one of my creations being cuddled, and I just love seeing pictures like this...
Courtland's mom is hosting a Giveaway for a lovey and sachet of mine this week right HERE

Have a wonderful weekend! We have all sorts of exciting distractions going on in our house, with a 2 pound kitty and a 70 pound dog getting acquainted...Never a dull moment!

xo, Nathalie

designer cereal photos via refinery 29
sweet courland photo via green eyed monster


  1. Bonjour my friend! First how adorable is this precious bundle!!! .... The Gucci fruit loops would be in my cart!! I'm ok with designers lending their name out to items other than those they are know for at a lower quality and price (i.e. Versace is launching a line with H&M and Armani's AX line) to me would they sell out their name for lower price market = the quality of material suffers saddens me.

    Can't wait for you to share the photos of 2 lb kitty and 70 lb doggie .. good luck!! xo HHL

  2. Oh no, I hope it's never so...but it probably will be. What's next?
    Can there be anything more satisfying than seeing that baby clutching your handiwork? What a beautiful thing. Happy Weekend, Nathalie. (Good luck with the furry ones.)

  3. Oh that baby is so cute... And how sweet that your blanket is being cuddled. Makes me think of the blankets my boys used to cuddle - they weren't nearly so pretty as yours. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Hi Nathalie, I love, love the new breakfast cereal options.. How cool. And congratulations on having little ones clutching your creations. So excting.. Carla

  5. The other day I stood in a queue next to a lday who had a Prada handbag; Chanel earings, a Burbery belt, Jimmy Choo kitten heels and a Bulgari ring. Now I know what she was missing - the Gucci Fruit Loops....


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