Friday, October 14, 2011

Are You Planning an Event in Malibu?

Because if you are, you will want to give my friend Jennifer Naylor a call!
She is "The" premiere caterer in Malibu...
However, even if you are not in Malibu throwing a bash, you must check out her new blog here,  which is truly a feast for the eyes...and the stomach!

Her most recent post is about the food that she prepared for Kim Kardashian's Wedding Shower...
These beaded silver mint julep cups filled with the bride to be's favourite cookie dough ice cream, and topped with tufts of pink cotton candy look sublime!

jennifer and i in roma

Jennifer and I go way back, having worked together for years for chef Wolfgang Puck at Granita in Malibu. We both have a huge passion for Italy, and had a blast together in Rome. I was visiting her while she was studying/working under some of the best chefs in Italy.
 She is one of the most talented, dedicated hard-working chefs I know...

granita, malibu

Jennifer taught the most amazing cooking classes to all of the celebrities while at Granita, and I was fortunate to "tag along" as her Vanna White.... I learned so much from these days!
With the holidays approaching, I thought I would share two of my staple dishes from those days, that always get huge compliments...

If you can find watercress on the bulb like this, it has so much more flavour! The combination here of the pomegranates, fennel, walnuts, frisee, watercress, and then the ultimate flavor of the tartufato cheese (you will find this at a cheese store...a hard white cheese with white die for!)
Absolutely incredible, and worth every minute of the prep time...

These cranberries are the best ever, and SO easy to make. "Agrodolce," "sweet and sour"...a combination that I love. Pardon my scribbled of which is that you can boil down some orange peels (sliced) in sugar water, and add it in at the end.

Please stop by to say hi, and get inspired by her wonderful passion for food...
Jennifer's Website
Jennifer on Twitter
Jennifer on Facebook


Take a bellisimo tour of Roma, by Louis Vuitton...

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  1. WOW .. how fabulous ... going to check put Jennifer's blog/website .. right after I check out your give away post ... I was stopping by for a visit and hello.. since I've just returned from Paris... and find two fabulous events going on..

    Wishing you a blessed week-end! xo HHL

  2. I wish I lived closer to have an event that needed catering! She sounds so very talented.

  3. Very, very cool that you have a famous friend! Always makes life just a little more interesting, no? lol.

  4. Nathalie what a great woman to know, so much talent and quite a resume as well!! Of course I am quite sure she adores you!!

    Oh I have a designer pillow Giveaway I hope you will join! (a great resource as well),


    Art by Karena

  5. Dear Nathalie,
    You have so many talented friends. I wish I lived in Malibu so that I could taste test Jennifer's work....


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